Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2 Winners, 1 Loser

So, I didn't have the greatest turn out for my recent giveaway.  Apparently most of you don't wish to be seen while you're running in the dark.  :)

I did have 3 people that entered and with 2 prizes to give away that unfortunately leaves me with 1 loser person that did not win.  I put the entries (all 12 of them) into the random sequence generator and came out with the following outcome:
So, the first winner is comment #10, who came from Erika @ This Spartan Will!
Erika is going to be doing a half ironman in less than 2 weeks!!  Head over to her blog and cheer her on.

Winner #2 is Jeff @ Detroit Runner with the following winning comment:
Jeff recently completed in a Warrior Dash in Michigan, you should check out his recap.

So, Erika & Jeff send me an email ( with your addresses so I can get you your awesome reflective stickers from FlashBrite.  (Looks like the state of Michigan just got a whole lot flashier!!)

Unfortunately, that leaves the only other person that entered my giveaway without a prize.  If there were lots of losers I wouldn't care, but I don't like just one person to feel left out.  So Kristin, if you're still reading, why don't you send me your address too so I can hook you up with something.  :)

Thanks again to FlashBrite for the reflective stickers to giveaway.


Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Awesome. I'm really excited. E-mail coming!

~K~ said...

aw, that's nice of ya! I thought about entering but i don't run at night so decided to leave that prize for those who could use it. Thanks for doing a giveaway though!

Kristin said...

Hi, I'm the loser!! That's okay, I really am a loser. As is weight- 50lbs lost! Running has never felt better. Thanks for thinking about me, I send you an email.

Kristin said...

Could I have any more typos in that comment above? Sorry!

Anonymous said...

So excited!! Thank you very much ;)

I just emailed you!

And thanks for pimping my blog too!