Monday, July 25, 2011

What is with this weather?!

I realize that we are well into summer and that most of the nation is sweltering with their above average temperatures, but I am tired of spring.  Seriously, I really don't feel like summer has hit yet here in Oregon. Sure, we've had a couple of summeresque days where you can actually go outside and start to feel uncomfortable in the heat... this weekend for example was great.  High 80's and the ability to go to the pool  and not freeze.  However, today brings more of this:
Cloudy skies, decent chance of rain this afternoon AND tomorrow with highs in the mid 70's... if we're lucky.  This is the last week in July!  We should have our house locked down with heavy drapes over all the windows living like mole people, not begging for the sun to come out.  Sure, it's nice for running in, but not so great for going to the pool in, which is the best way I know to keep my 4 kids happy and going to bed nice and tired at the end of the day.  I need these few hot months so that I can get through the long and rainy Oregon fall/winter/spring.  Would someone please send their sunshine and hot temps our way?!

While you're at it, why don't you send your questions my way too?  Just click HERE.  Also, I'll have an "illuminating" giveaway tomorrow, so come on back.  :)


Angela said...

Laurie, I'll be more than happy to send the 93 degrees with real feel temps at 101 ur way, LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh man I would trade you in a heartbeat! I would take your weather over this 95+ crap anyday! But I guess it's like anything else - seems like I always want what others have :)

Emz said...

I say enjoy every freaking minute!!

Michelle said...

I totally hear you! I do much prefer this than yesterdays afternoon heat to run in :)

I just have to keep reminding myself that it could be like 90% of the rest of the country and a heat wave.

Try and have a good week!

P said...

I think about you and that mole people post every single day at 8:30 am when I'm closing my blinds!! We are having a strange summer, too, but at least we're having pool weather. I'm certainly not complaining about the lack of triple digits!

Fruit Fly said...

I have to admit I am kind of liking this mild summer. For a change I get to not feel miserable in my little house that doesn't have A/C!