Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Number nine is superfine!!

Apparently, I haven't blogged much about Hood to Coast.  I think maybe I haven't said much about it because, in the very, very, very back of my mind, I was worried that I was going to have to drop out.  However, now, with more than one and even a double digit pain free run I'm confident that I'll be there running strong.  Did you realize it is only a little over 5 weeks away?!  I couldn't be more excited.

Growing up in Oregon, I have wanted to do Hood to Coast for a looooooooong time but until this year haven't had the opportunity.  Although I won't be on one of the cool Nuun, all women's teams with all the super cool and super famous bloggers, I am still going to be on a pretty awesome all women's team.  My team is #707 (isn't that a pretty bitchin' number?), the Blister Sisters.
Awesome van magnets from BuildASign.com

It is a submasters (all over 30) team that has been doing Hood to Coast for the past 7 years straight.  Last year they finished 197th overall and 6th in the Women's Submasters category.  Half of the team this year are 30 somethings (me being the youngest at 31) and the other half  are in their late 40's and 50's (a couple are even mom's of girls that I went to high school with).  I've never really met any of them but am super excited to be running with such an amazing group of strong women.

Yesterday, Debbie, our team captain emailed me my leg assignment.  I will be runner #9!  Being the newbie on the team, I had told her that I would be okay with whatever leg they wanted to give me.  So, 9 it is.  I will be running 9th, 21st, and 33rd.
Here is a look at the numbers for all the legs:
And here is a synopsis of each of my specific legs:

I haven't looked into them too much, but they look to be fairly scenic.  I know that the Springwater Trail (my first leg) is part of 40 miles of paved trail through Portland and the surrounding areas.  Although my 2nd leg is on gravel which isn't the most fun thing to run on, it will be nice to be near a creek... assuming it isn't the middle of the night.  And, finally, my last leg is my longest but will be in Astoria on country roads and should be a lot of fun.  Now that I know what I will be running I am super excited and will probably be talking a lot more about Hood to Coast.

Are you running Hood to Coast?  Do you know what leg you are running?  I look forward to meeting a lot of awesome people at the end (and maybe along the way too)!


XLMIC said...

Running it! So looking forward to meeting up with YOU at the end!

Alanna said...

Hey, now I remember those magnets! Awesome that you are going to be able to run - I love that they gave the newbie the longest mileage. I'm leg 1 so probably won't see much of you out on the road. Unless you start after us and pass me, which is actually highly likely... watch for sparkly skirts. :)

Since I don't know Oregon that much I used Google Street View to look at my routes. Highly recommended!

Fruit Fly said...

This is really cool! I've never known how it breaks down --- how far everybody run, how many times. Thanks for sharing this info!!

Obviously I'm not running, but I'll be cheering for your team in spirit that day!

Teamarcia said...

This is so cool! A relay is definitely on my bucket list. Need to do one Soon!

Tricia said...

Super excited for you (and me!).Email me, we can exchange number and maybe see each other at the finish :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

I'm running but don't know my leg yet. Or my team.

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