Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Not so Wordless Wednesday (the vacay pics)

So, if you missed it, we had a less than stellar vacation a couple of weeks ago.  My kids had the worse case of the stomach flu.  It began on the trip to St. George and lasted right up until the day before we left.  Then on the way back home, I managed to finish the vacation with a nice little (hopefully) speeding ticket.  Ugh.

We did however, have that one good day, Friday, where we all had the opportunity to go to the pool together and enjoy a little bit of the hot sunshiny weather.

Emmeline, Jonny, my grandma and I also had the opportunity to go see the St. George Temple and check out the visitor's center, which Emme really enjoyed.

We also had the opportunity to drive by the house that my grammy's grandmother lived in (so my great-great-grandma).

All, in all it really wasn't a very good vacation.  However, that being said, I'm still glad that we went and there were lots of good parts to it.  If nothing else, I will remember it forever.


Julie said...

Your kiddos are just way TOO cute! Love all the swimming pictures.

P said...

I'm glad you got to have at least a little bit of fun! Definitely a memorable trip. :/

Fruit Fly said...

Aside from everyone getting sick, the pool sure looks like it was a hit!

XLMIC said...

Such a drag that they all got so sick... I was almost sick just reading those posts :( You poor guys. But it does look like fun WAS had :) Hope that ticket is little ;-)