Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Getting back into it...

So, I've most definitely been out of the blog loop and hardly blogging on my own.  It's been a bit difficult balancing life with all 4 kids home all. day. long. the need to be outside in the summer and spending time on the computer.  Today, however, I've actually made it to a few blogs and even left some comments aaaaand, this is my 2nd blog post in a row... shocking, I know!

I have, however, been in the loop enough to know that I am coming to the game way late on this one, but the lovely and slightly nutty ;) XLMIC at Taking It On tagged me in the recent Q&A craze.

So, it's pretty simple... if there is something that you'd like to know about me just leave a comment asking.  Pretty much anything goes but please remember that my grandma is my most faithful reader (Hi Grammy, thanks for reading!) and I wouldn't want her to think less of me, so I might have to answer accordingly.  :)  Then, after a week or so, I'll start answering your questions.  Won't this be fun?!  If nothing else it might get a few more blog posts out of me.

I'm sure I'm supposed to tag some other people, but I'm also quite sure everyone else has already done it.  If you haven't and you want to, consider yourself tagged by me.


Fruit Fly said...

Fun! I immediately came up with two questions ... local type questions.

1 - What is your favorite Eugene race that you've done?

2 - Do you have a favorite place to run in Eugene that other people should check out?

P said...

I'm hungry right now, so my questions are about food:
- Are you a picky or adventurous eater?
- What's your "signature dish?"

(I'm happy to see you getting back to it, at least a little - you've been missed! - but totally understand the kids at home thing. How many days til school starts?)

Amanda@runninghood said...

Hey girl! Hmmm, Okay, Giving birth...what kind of experience was this for you? Scary? Wonderful? Worst thing in your life? Did you have one experience that stands out more than the other 3?

How old were you when you met your husband?

Can you think of a moment in your life that you'd say was life changing?

XLMIC said...

Did you ever take a cake decorating class? How did you learn, if not?

How much weight did you gain with each of your children? Was it hard to get back to normal?

How long did you nurse each of your kids?

Have YOU always been so super cool? ;-)

Debbie S. said...

My question is how do you find time to run with four small children. And shower. For me run/shower is a back to back thing that can't be split up. As a mother of four semi-precious children, my biggest issues are when I'm heading out the door to run and when I'm re-entering the house. The first part makes me want to skip the run altogether and the last part makes me want to slap my husband for not making the kids give me some time to cool down and relax rather than attacking me on the front porch.

When I leave, I hear.... "again? you're going to run again? "what will we eat while you're gone? "what should we do? "are you even going very fast? if you go faster, you will go further. " if you see my friends driving through town DON'T WAVE."

But that's the easy part...before I even hit the front porch after my run, at least one child is in my face bombarding me with questions...what's for dinner? where did you go? why do you always come back so sweaty? soon youre going to smell! We're hungry now but you can't cook when you are sweaty and smelly but we don't want to have to wait while you shower. What are we going to eat?

Food is the last thing I want to think about when I return from a 5+ mile run in 100 degree weather. Please offer advice on how to get my kids to back off and give me some space and time so I can wind down and get my head back into running our family!!! Oh, and please don't say "take them with you". Its a wonderful thought, however, my children don't stop talking...ever. They are the reason I started running in the first place...I needed time away!