Friday, July 22, 2011

Back to the trail and Jonny's new trick.

First of all, thanks so much for all your admiring cake/cupcake comments.  Someday when I open my cupcakery, I'll be happy to send you all a special treat!  :)

Last night, after having missed my morning run due to laziness a general lack of sleep and the need to sleep past 5am I headed out to the Ridgeline Trail to end the day.  It's rare that I run in the evening and even rarer that I drive someplace to run  (in my opinion, the best part about running (especially where I live) is that all you have to do is step outside your door) but I really wanted to run on the trail and I was racing sunset and if I ran there like I normally would my trail time would be severely limited.  By the time I got to the trail it was a little after 8pm which left me 45 minutes to do 8 miles... ha ha, yeah right.  I knew I'd have to cut it short but I'd get in what I could.  As soon as I started off, I was wishing I had my headlamp, the trail is much darker.

The first section of the trail I ran last night basically goes up and up for the first mile.  About half way up I caught up to a guy in a red shirt that had started up a few minutes before me.  He was walking and as soon as he heard me, started running again.  As I was trying to figure out how long it would take to catch up and pass him he slowed to a walk again and then pulled off the trail huffing and puffing.  It's a pretty decent incline and I can't blame him for taking a break, but I'll be honest, I felt pretty hardcore passing by him and making a conscious effort to breathe easily as I did so.  :)

The rest of my run went pretty easily.  There was no one on the trail and it was nice to be running on it.  The last time I did trails was for the Ridgeline Ramble and it was nice to have the solitude and peace that trail running brings.  I stopped for a bit at 2 miles to respond to my sister-in-law's text about some awesome Star Wars cookie cutters and lunch tin (thanks for the heads up Elizabeth, Calvin is going to love them!!).  It was so lovely.

I thought I'd take a nice picture... as I was trying to get the perfect shot (never happened) no less than 6 mosquitoes started feasting on me.  I hate mosquito bites (doesn't everyone?!) so I quickly took off again.  At 2.5 I decided it would be best to turn around if I was going to make it back down while I could still see.

Before heading back down the last section of the trail, I stopped to send Dan a text to let him know that I was less than a mile from the street.  As I was doing so, the red shirt guy ran past me.  I'm not sure where he came from because he hadn't been on the trail but it was on, I had my rabbit and what could be better than "chicking" a guy twice in the same run?!  Apparently he knew what I was up to, or at least he didn't want to get passed again, because he took off when he saw me. There were a couple spots that I thought I was going to get him, but ultimately he won the race down the mountain.  Although, he did stop at the moment the trail stopped and I ran past him to the street, which is the real finish line... therefore I did pass him again and right at the end when it matters most.  :D  Since it was still plenty light at street level I headed around the bark path for another mile to bring my run to 6 miles, which was only 2 miles short of what I had planned... not too bad.

In other news, Jonny has learned a new trick:

Isn't it lovely the things kids learn from their older siblings?!  I guess I can say at least he isn't drinking from the toilet... of course not, that is for playing with cars in.

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Raina said...

Ah! Running ridgeline at sunset! Sounds glorious - especially if you are outpacing the cougars and the odd guy in a red shirt.

If you do decide to do the Pre 10K, let me know! I'd love to see you. It will also be my first time at that race.

Nicole Orriëns said...

I'm like you! I don't like driving somewhere to run either. But of course, sometimes a beautiful track may lure you away from home. I run in the mornings too, but whenever I do run in the evening, I find running much easier.

I suppose my body is all supple from running around all day, being a mom.

I love the trick your kid learned…

Mom's Home Run

Fruit Fly said...

How silly he is! That is something I don't recall ever doing, but he's onto a good plan here ... less drinking glasses to wash!

racing dawn said...

watch out...he'll pick even more fun tricks from the older siblings... ;)

and LOVE LOVE LOVE those cupcakes and cakes in last post. holy moly u for sure should open a shop! so fun. you are talented lady!