Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Strawberries + Lemons = Summer

Yesterday I made some cupcakes for a party we were having for one of my friends.  After spending way too much time on the Internet over the past few days trying to find THE perfect recipe I settled on some super tasty looking Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes.  Not only did they look tasty, but they combined strawberries & lemons which, to me, are quintessential summer ingredients.  Lately things haven't really been feeling all that summery, but despite the overcast and drizzly skies, I put on shorts and sandals and started cooking up some summer.  Although I hit a few snafus along the way including what, at the time, seemed like an epic frosting failure that sent me frantically racing to the store for replacement frosting, I think that the overall result was both aesthetically pleasing and quite palatable.

The thing I should have taken a picture of was my kitchen... it was an absolute disaster!!  Making cupcakes, while making dinner and keeping 3 of my 4 (luckily Miss High Maintenance had a well planned play date) entertained did not bode well for "cleaning while I went".  Who am I kidding?  I am a super messy cook.  When I have my bakery or cupcakery or dessert shoppe... someone else will be paid to clean it no?  Then I can make all the mess I want.

In other news, I get to accompany Miss High Maintenance herself on her class field trip to the coast tomorrow.  I am actually driving her, another parent and two of her classmates and it should be a long but exceptionally fun filled day.  I can't wait!

As for running, in case that's what you're here for and if you're still reading... I've only run twice this week.  I ran 5 miles on Monday and my knee kind of gave me issues towards the end then ran 5 miles yesterday and my knee gave me lots of issues about halfway through and until the end.  Today I didn't run and due to the field trip most likely won't get the chance tomorrow either.  I'm hoping that since this is my first time running since my last marathon that maybe I'm just having a few aches and pains to work out.  My plan is to ice and stretch and keep easing back in to the mileage.  I haven't yet registered for Butte to Butte and will hold off a bit longer.  I want to make sure that I'm ready for Hood to Coast in August so there is no reason to be careless right now.  That being said, tomorrow on the field trip I plan to spend most of the time talking to my co-chaperone about our plans for another marathon this fall.  :)


Teamarcia said...

Those look soooo good! I may need to make them for Thing 1's birthday...she calls herself a 'strawberry girl' afterall. perfect!
You are wise to lay off the running a bit and rest up!

Emz said...



And of course leave it to me to think you were saying "butt to butt" -- I was like where the crap does this girl run?! ;)

Have fun!!!

P said...

You should definitely open a cupcakery - those look amazing!! And yes, please don't rush back to running, you don't want to hurt yourself!

XLMIC said...

Strawberry lemonade cupcakes?!! Awesome! And they do look lovely :)

Hope that field trip is fun and your knee is feeling better soon :)

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

The weekend after Hood to Coast is the Eugene Women's Half. I just realized I'm going to train my butte (haha) off for the half...and you will come back from H to C and still be at the finish line cheering me on when I finish after you.

Did you see the cool bags we get for swag?

Richelle said...

Those cupcakes look so delicious! Yum!

FruitFly said...

My tummy is growling after looking at those cupcakes! They look fabulously summery!

Small Town Runner said...

They look delicious!!! Worth the mess.

Sarah said...

Those look gorgeous!
I always thought I hated cooking, but it's really the cleaning up afterwards that I detest.

racing dawn said...

i think a recipe post is in order. those look delish!!!

darn knees. a little recovery will be just what you need! no worries. :)

Tricia said...

those look amazing,seriously