Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Thursday?!

All day today I've been thinking it's Friday.  I think maybe it is because my kids don't have school tomorrow (yet another furlough day, ugh public school budgets).  I'm actually quite excited that it is only Thursday.  I like Thursdays because it still means that I have the whole entire weekend to look forward to, maybe that doesn't make sense to you, but in my weird convoluted way of thinking once Friday starts the weekend is well on its way to being over.  I am especially glad that this week it is only Thursday because it still means I have another day to mentally get prepared for my race on Saturday.  What race, you may ask?!  Well, it's kind of a secret, I mentioned something about it a few posts back but have kind of been keeping it to myself.  I'm not really sure my reasoning for the secrecy other than it is something I'm doing just for me. I'm sure I'll have a lot to say about it tomorrow and even more to say about it after it is over, but for now I'm leaving you kind of in the dark, sorry.

Speaking of races, I am addicted.  All of a sudden I've found myself scouring the Internet checking out race after race and getting my little wishing wheels spinning.  I'm pretty sure I've decided to run the Butte to Butte on the 4th of July.  I've always wanted to do this race but have never been in town.  This year it just so happens I'll be around (barely).  Also, my mom found some awesome stars and stripes knee socks and I came up with a pretty decent ($5) red running skirt (technically I think it is for tennis, but that's okay) so it would be shame to let such an awesome getup go to waste.

Before Butte to Butte there is another race that I have my eyes on, The Steep Hill Chase.  It's another race that I have been wanting to do for a while.  (I've previously mentioned it herehere and here if you have nothing better to do than read my old posts.)  Unfortunately this year it falls the day before my brother's high school graduation so I'm not sure if it is going to work out.  I don't know though, maybe it will, I mean I don't really like my brother all that much and I've been to my other 4 siblings graduations... you've seen one you've seen them all right?! (Ha ha, just kidding Doug... as if you read my blog, that's the bigger joke!)

In August I have Hood to Coast followed quickly by the Eugene Women's Half the first weekend in September.  October, usually brings my favorite 5K but this year might bring another marathon, the Columbia River Power Marathon with a good friend.  I'll most likely run the EWEB Half in November then finish the year out with First Run on New Year's Eve because I don't think there is anything much cooler than running a race at midnight.  The First Run is another race that I've always wanted to do but haven't been in town for... we'll see.

It's kind of crazy to me that I am so into racing.  It used to be that I hated to race.  I swore to myself when I ran my last track meet in college that IF I ever ran again, it would be just for fun.  I could usually get myself so worked up that I would literally be sick with anticipation for races.  I still get pre-race jitters but they are nothing like they used to be where I could barely function for weeks before an event.  It's taken me a bit but (dare I even say it?)  I think racing is fun.  :)


Catey said...

I LOVE that you are doing that race this weekend! Good for you! I hope you have a truly wonderful time!
I never raced before I took up running a couple of years ago, but after taking last year off I have a newfound love of races. I fear my husband may tire of that..... :)

FruitFly said...

I can't wait to hear your review of the race. I actually had toyed with the 10k of it again, then came to my senses. It kicked my patooty last year. Definitely not wise for me to do that so unprepared, but oh well!

I might see you at 3 of your other races. I haven't ruled out Butte to Butte yet - playing it by ear after I finish my half marathon next month. And perhaps I'll be a big girl and do the EWEB half this year instead of the 5K! And then there is the First Run. That was such a fun time, I wouldn't mind doing it again!

Good luck this weekend - have fun running for YOU! :)

XLMIC said...

You are a racing machine! So much FUN! I hate it when I find myself a day off…not only does it just mess things up, but I start to think I am losing my mind! I hope this race on Saturday is all you are hoping it will be :) and thanks for your support…soooo appreciated!

track coach and adorable wife said...

I love racing, it is totally what keeps me so motivated to run!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Wow look at you!! YOu are a racing fool Laurie! I'm doing HOod to Coast too! Wish we would have been accepted to Nike Women's! So great to have these goals...keeps us sane!

Marci said...

You are crazy...and awesome!

P said...

AHA! I knew you were going to do that race way back when you mentioned it! You are so awesome, and I can't wait to hear all about it!
I go back and forth between being totally excited about races and feeling pukey for days before them. Lately it's been the pukey one and I'd like to be all done with that.

Heather said...

Sounds like a busy/fun summer racing schedule.
Good luck!!

Laura said...

I will be running the Butte to Butte this year so I will have to keep an eye out for your outfit!