Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hello Sunshine

The last couple of mornings here have been absolutely beautiful, surprisingly cold, but beautiful bright sunshiny days.  After getting drowned in rain on Saturday, it is a very welcome change.  Yesterday it was almost 6am when I got out the door for my run and it was so light I didn't even need my headlamp!!  I could actually see things around me.  It makes me excited for summer.  I realize spring is barely here but I long for the days were we can hang out all day at the pool or go park hopping and I won't have to fight my kids to put on socks and shoes so they can go to school.  As much as it's nice to have some place for the kids to go everyday, I look forward to not having the early morning rush out the door to school, the kindergarten pickup, the I've been stuck at school all day and now I'm home and wired and wanting a snack attitude.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I'll be missing school less than a month into summer vacation, but right now the thought sounds quite appealing.

I didn't run this morning.  The good thing about being in a taper schedule is that my mileage is low enough it will be easy to rearrange things a little bit and not miss any workouts.  Tonight I'm hosting Bunco at my house and I skipped my run so that I'd have more time to get things ready.  We rarely have anyone over so I have the need to make sure my house is as spotless as it can be, which, with 4 kids under the age of 8 tends to be a bit tricky.  No, I'm sure no one will look in the little tiny crack around the lining of the dishwasher, but if they do, my crack will be clean (ha ha, that's what she said).  Have any of you ever played Bunco?  I'm thinking it might kind of big Utah thing as that is where this group I'm in originated from.  It began with some law students' wives from Utah (no they didn't have multiple wives, just one a piece) and they can get pretty hardcore about it.  The group I'm in meets only once a month and we're pretty laid back... mostly it is just an excuse to get together, have some yummy snacks and hang out.  There are other groups that are pretty strict about the number of people in attendance, the fees paid and the prizes given out... that other group would probably laugh and point at our tiny little disorganized, bring whomever you can get to come, no money required, barely keeping on track group, but that's okay, we have fun.

It's amazing how someone so small, can make such a big mess.
As I was typing this, little slimy here, got into the Kleenex
and pulled out every. last. one.  Let the cleaning battle begin.
So, that's my plan for today.  Sweep, mop, make some yummy treats, then keep the kids outside so they don't destroy in seconds what it took two days to organize.  Also, congrats to all the amazing Boston runners, you were each super awesome!  I can't wait to read all your reports, it was so much fun getting text updates yesterday, it made me super nervous for my marathon... yikes, only 11 days left!!!


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Bunco is big way up here in Albany too. We played it with friends on New Year's Eve. S will only play if he's allowed to drink (we have couple friends that need subs for their groups, but they don't drink). He basically hates the game. I think it's fun, a great mindless way to socialize. Have fun tonight!

P said...

Bunco can be a big deal around here, too. My mom belongs to a group that's always trying to outdo each other with the big bunco prize.
My oldest is on spring break this week and I keep thinking how nice and relaxed summer will be...remind me of that come the middle of July!

Catey said...

I used to play with a bunco group, it was fun but then I had more kids and it just became a hassle. :P Totally laughing at the multiple wives comment!

11 days, woo-hoo!!

(and my 2yr old is looking at your pic with the stroller in the sidebar saying "look! that's me running!" lol)

Penny said...

I have never played Bunco. I do know lots of people that play it.
Good Luck on your marathon. 11 DAY yahoo, yahoo.

BeePieRuns said...

Glad you cleared up how many wives they had! I play Bunco with a group here and enjoy it a lot. One of the gals tends to be pretty strict and tries to keep things on time but overall we're laid back and just socialize as much as possible. Can't wait to read your marathon recap b/c it's gonna be great!!

Marci said...

I'm totally going to find some kind of dirt in a crack somewhere in your house, and just in case there isn't any I'm going to store some extra in my shoe that I can dump somewhere, and then point it out to everyone.

I had a dream last night in which I watched you win the Eugene marathon. It was pretty awesome.

FruitFly said...

Holy cow! ELEVEN DAYS??? Where did the time go?!? I'm so ridiculously excited, and not just for my own run. I can't wait to see how everyone does - and to just plain see everyone!

I know of a couple Bunco groups down here, but I've never played. My one friend loves it because they DO play for big money - and consume a lot of wine.

Let's hope this sunshine holds out. Wouldn't it be nice to start Eugene and not be bundled up??

Amanda@runninghood said...

You crack me up Laurie! Ha! The wives comment along with your clean crack has me laughing. :) Bunco...know lots of girlfriend's that play it but I've only played couples bunco 2 times. My girlfriend does a couples bunco party every year. My husband and I won all the money two years in a row. :)