Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy, happy, happy me!

I know she'll be mad at me posting
her picture... sorry Grammy, I think
it's a good one.
I have the most awesomest, wonderfully amazing, grandma in the whole entire world. We're talking this lady absolutely rocks. Not only does she read my blog daily (and get after me if I haven't written for a while) she has always been one of my biggest supporters and encouragers. She lets me bombard her house with my pack of children causing chaos and noise beyond compare and more often than not terrorizing her poor dog and leaving her with some new form of kindergarten crud when we leave.  Yet she never complains and even acts sad to see us go.  I would love her to pieces even if she never did a thing for me, but without a doubt she is above the top super generous and thoughtful and has completely outdone herself this time.

See yesterday I went to check the mail and was ecstatic to find my birthday present (for the next few years and maybe Christmases too).

Yep, that's right, I am officially on the Garmin bandwagon.  I feel that I am now, the real deal.  Not only will I become a marathoner in a few short weeks, but I'll be knowing my pace and distance every step of the way.  I honestly could not be more excited!!
Why, hello there "Gus"  aren't you pretty?!
Yes, it is easily as big as my entire hand and I'm sure some day my children will look back at these pictures and laugh at the size of the computer I am wearing, you know, kind of like we do with the old school cell phones:
gotta love ol' Zach from Saved by the Bell
I'm okay with that though.  I already had an awesome run this morning where I knew my splits for every mile, while I was still running.  Even though it was supposed to be an easy recovery run I found myself trying to make each mile faster than the last... so. much. fun.  Then when I got home, my run was instantly loaded on to my computer where I could see my exact route, analyze my heart rate and so, so much more that I haven't even started playing with yet.

So, I must retire my old and somewhat unreliable Nike+ Sportband.  I'd say that I'm sad to see it go, as we've spent many, many, many miles (even more than it accurately recorded) together but it's replacement makes me too excited to have any feelings of sorrow or guilt.  Plus, I have already found it a great home, where it will find love and much use.  (Happy early/belated Birthday Marci, it's all yours, more than fair trade for all the awesome hats you've made me... we'll get together sometime so I can give you a quick briefing.)

Again, I am so super, duper excited.  Thank you Grammy, you're the best.  I love you.


Heather said...

How nice of her!!
She sounds awesome.

The Garmin is fun. I love the graphs and charts and maps.

Emz said...

we are twins!!!!

I love my 310XT - if only I can figure out how to use all it's functions. Awesome.

I kinda like your shirt too.

this. made. me. happy. happy. happy. too.

ErinandShane said...

hehe, your blog loaded and the first thing I thought was "Oh boy, Grandma is gonna be mad" but the truth is it's a GREAT picture.

Happy Running to you, I'm glad you like it so much.

Adrienne said...

That is so awesome! What a thoughtful and generous gift. Happy Garmin Running!

Angela said...

I have the 305 and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I don't use mine to the full capacity of what it can be used for. My family makes fun of it but I really could care less, I know how far I went, what my heartrate is and how fast I'm going.

I hope you love yours just as much as I love mine.

The picture of your grandmother really touched my heart. It's a beautiful picture.

Amanda@runninghood said...

This is too cool!!! It is probably the reincarnated version of mine. ha ha. Is this the 310? I am kind of hoping I'm not making a mistake with the is smaller but gosh I hope I like it as much as my 205 because I loved my 205. So happy for you! You deserve it! Your grandma sounds awesome!

Photina said...

What a great present and grandma! That is the one I am going to be ordering soon. I have heard so many great things about it. I hope you love it!

LB said...

your grandma freakin' ROCKS!!!! im so happy you can ditch that nike sportband now!!! YAY for garmins and great grandmas!!!!

tri like mary said...

AND it's the 310xt! So jealous! I have the Forerunner 305 and love it but have been covering to 310 for a while. Mostly because it's waterproof so you can wear it open water swimming and get accurate info about distance, speed, etc. You're a lucky girl!

BeePieRuns said...

Oooh, what an awesome gift! Way to go Grammy!

ShutUpandRun said...

That is the best. Garmin Grandma.

I had never had a granny like that; one who I felt really bonded to. You are very lucky indeed. As is she to have you all.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

How cool of Grammy! My friend asked me this weekend if my Garmin could get any bigger *snort* umm it's not that

P said...

You are a lucky, lucky girl - congrats on having the best Grammy in the world!!

FruitFly said...

Oooh, Exciting!!! Congratulations. I bet you're going to LOVE it!!

Beth said...

What an awesome gift! Garmins are so fun... and addicting.

Jody, RD said...

I'm considering buying a Garmin soon. I'd love to hear your review of it when you've gotten used to it.

Kt said...

So awesome! Yay for a garmin! I want one sooo badly, I'm super jealous!!

Marci said...

Your Grammy rocks! You deserve this new toy if anyone ever did. By the way, as long as we are making trades, I already have hats that match yours made for your kids. (Who is the old lady now?)

Julie D. said...

what a sweet gift!! ENJOY that garmin!! my grandma reads my blog too, and I love that she does!! She has tried so hard to learn the computer and I know her reading my blog is one of the reasons she tried so hard!! :)

XLMIC said...

That thing is HUGE!!! lol

Yay for sweet Grammies and congrats on your cool new Garmin :)