Monday, April 18, 2011

Boston, 20 Miles & Super Soccer Saturday

The Boston Marathon is happening right now, this very second, and I can't watch it.  ☹  We dumped our cable a couple of weeks ago and had we waited I could have seen live coverage but I guess I'll just have to settle for the tidbits I can see online as well as getting texts with splits of my blogging friends.  I've always kind of followed it, but this year is especially cool because I actually "know" some people who are running in it.  I should be getting some texts any time now with their 10K splits.  This is exciting for several reasons:  1.  I want to know how they are doing and 2.  I never get texts during the day... it's almost as good as getting mail.  ☺

On Saturday, I did my last long run for my marathon training plan.  I had debated all weekend about how far I was going to make it and was still undecided when I stepped out the door.  It was pouring.  I started out for the first 8 miles of my figure 8 loop and came close to calling it a day when I cruised back by my house but decided to persevere a little longer as 8 miles would hardly count as a long run.  I contemplated turning again at the first bridge to make it 12 miles but continued on to the next bridge which would have been 16 miles had I turned  (oooh, just got my first text  Emz is at 47:09 at the 10K... 7:35 pace, speedy girl! followed by my second Small Town Runner right behind her in 47:24, it's a race!) but I decided that I was already out there, super soaked and I may as well commit myself to the whole 20.  After I made that commitment my run was a lot better, I was more focused and just ran.  When looking back at my splits (I love, love, love my new Garmin-thanks again Grammy!!) my fastest miles were 16, 17 and 18.  I am really glad that I did the whole 20.  It was all but 6 miles of the marathon course and I averaged 8:49 pace for a time of 2:56:37 which bests my previous 20 mile pr of 3:04!  (Oooh, just got my third text, Tall Mom past the 10K 51:56 for 8:21 pace, awesome!!)  I feel like I'm going to be ready on May 1st to run my best race possible. (There goes Aron at the 10K in 53:13, so cool!)

After my run, I took a nice ice bath then a loooooong, hot, hot shower to warm up.  Then it was back out in the rain for Super Soccer Saturday (we are now officially in the throes of 2nd and Kindergarten spring soccer) aka Mud Fest 2011.  (Whooo hoooo, SUAR just crossed the 10K in 55:20, amazing!)  It was soooooo muddy.  Emme had a great time playing and the rest of us had a great time standing in the rain and wallowing in the mud to watch her.  I don't think I can do it justice in words, so here are some pics from the day:

Needless to say, Jonny got the brunt of the mud (and me by default for holding him) because he was closest to the ground, and by closest I mean he was the one that insisted on sitting on it and then rolling around back and forth to make sure he could get as muddy as absolutely possible.

Later in the day, Dan and Calvin headed back out to the mess for Calvin's game.  Since the rest of us were out of dry and mud free clothes to wear, we opted to remain behind and make pineapple upside down cake.  Mmmmm.  Turns out this was a good thing as the field Calvin went to was twice as muddy a Emme's.

Seriously, who picks white shirts?!

Well, I've taken long enough on here that Emz just crossed the half mark in 1:40:23, staying right on pace at 7:39.  The kids don't have school today and we've got lots to do, so I'd better get going.  Hope your week is off to a great start.  I'm really excited to maybe sleep in a little later over the next two weeks and run a few less miles... let the taper begin!!


Elizabeth said...

Love the pictures - too cute! As much as I love your running updates and wish I could run (and enjoy it) like you - I appreciate the pics of the kids.

Have an awesome day.

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

No offensive, Emme, but I don't like soccer! Great pics though. The kids are so cute, especially all muddy.

Great 20 miler--looks like we won't have to wait around too long to see your finish the full in two weeks!

Penny said...

Way to go on 20 miles. My boys played soccer and I loved watching them play at this age. They are so darn cute. Thanks for the updates on the BOSTON CREW.

Julie said...

Love the muddy soccer pics! My daughter's favorite day of soccer is a muddy day :D

We just started indoor Spring soccer though. That makes mama happy! I like fall outdoor soccer but we've been getting too much rain and hail lately for me. I don't mind staying indoors for a bit longer.

FruitFly said...

That mud looks so fun ... aside from the cold.

All this Boston stuff and following the people we know is just too much fun!!

Have a happy taper!

BeePieRuns said...

Awesome job on your long run! Let the taper fun begin :) And I can't believe how muddy your crew got - our soccer association cancels games/practice if it even looks like it's gonna rain. I love the pic of Calvin!

P said...

Excellent 20-miler in the rain, hardcore points for sure! Enjoy the taper madness!

Beth said...

Wow, awesome 20 miler!! Its so cool that you can run it along the actual course!