Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An Awesome Day at the Track and a Quest

This morning I went to the track for my last real track workout of this training session.  Technically I have one more track day, in two weeks,  the week of my marathon, but it is only 2x1600's and I have no intention of doing them at some super killer pace.  Today on tap was 4x1600 with 800 recoveries and a warm up/cool down to equal about 8 miles.  I woke up at 4:12am, which was 3 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off.  Normally I'd be pretty bummed that I missed out on those extra minutes but this morning I was awake and ready to go.  My goal was to be out the door by 4:30 but by the time I was ready and had Jonny snuggled all nice and warm in bed with Dan (yippee no stroller this morning!) it was pushing 4:40.

I got to the track and was happy to see that I had it all to myself.  (Yeah, surprisingly there was no one else there before 5am, crazy, I know.)  Since my whole goal of this morning was to get my workout done and get home in time to take a shower before Dan needed to be up and getting ready for work I wasted no time in getting started.  I dropped my coat and my water off and headed off on my first 1600.  6:30.  Well, no complaints there.  Couple quick recovery laps and then #2. 6:29.  Guess I was feeling pretty speedy this morning.  (Maybe it was my newish Pearl iZumi Streak shoes that claim to be "engineered for when speed is the focus".  Might not be just a gimmick.) Another 800, then #3. 6:34.  I wasn't really into that one and was thinking way too much about everything except running for the first half of it and was lucky to snap out of it for the second half in time to salvage a somewhat consistent time.  More recovery laps then #4.  A while ago I was swimming on a masters swim team and had a coach that would constantly yell at us on our workouts "Last one best one".  It has most definitely stuck with me and tends to be my chant for all my track workouts.  So, 4 quick laps of "last one best one" going through my head led to my final 1600. 6:28. All in all it was a fair amount better than my last mediocre track session and I came away with still a surprisingly amount of spring in my step... at least enough to run home and have 20 minutes to shower before Dan got up.  Mission accomplished!

So, "what apout quests?"  I'm so glad you asked.  Today I am embarking on a quest to find "the perfect race day shirt".  I don't know about you, but when I am doing an important race or want to do something spectacular I have it in my mind that I need to wear something special.  I think that running my first (of hopefully many) marathon requires "something special".  I think I have it mostly together but I am missing the top.  I have a picture in my mind of what I want, but have not been able to locate it yet.  I know I want it to be bright (I don't want my family to have any trouble spotting me), preferably yellow, sleeveless, and it has to fit just right... oh and it can't cost a fortune... or even half a fortune for that matter.  I've spent way too much a lot of time online looking at running shirts and even went as far as ordering one that unfortunately didn't work out and had to be returned (but thanks to Amazon's free shipping and return I didn't lose anything... hooray!)  That being said, I just might have my work cut out for me.  I don't know why I'm stressing about this so much, it seems I should be a lot more worried about the actual running and not the clothes, but I guess everyone has slightly different priorities.  Plus, it never hurts to have an excuse to go shopping for running clothes.  ☺

What quest are you on today?  Are you as crazy picky as me about race day apparel?


FruitFly said...

I love what your coach said, "last one best one". I think that is cool - and if my brain works, I'm going to try to remember that and apply it to my runs. Any little thing helps!

I am super picky about race day. I think I had FIVE possible shirts for my first half marathon. I've known my Eugene outfit since I did some post-Christmas online shopping during all of the sales. It just matters. I guess I figure if I feel like I look cute then maybe it will help me run better? Or at the very least at least I'll look cute while TRYING to run better!

You've got a couple weeks. I'm sure you'll find THE perfect shirt!

Catey said...

"apout" bahahaha! Still kills me every time! :P

I am going crazy trying to find the right running skirt for my relay in May. Why does NO one make a zebra running skirt?! I may end up making my own.... GL on your quest for the shirt!

And awesome times btw!

Adrienne said...

Love that "last one best one" comment. I don't know how you get out the door at 4:30am....ouch. Seeing as I didn't get home from book club until 1 am last night 4:30 am sounds pretty nuts to me. Someday I will be as amazing as you. I don't care about what I wear on race day because I'm just that lazy. I wake up and just put something on. I guess if I ran Marathons I might care more but for the 5k's type runs I'm doing now it's not that big of deal. Good luck on your quest.

P said...

While you were out running, I was heading to work. Ahhhh, crazy morning people!
I absolutely obsess about race day clothing, for the exact same reasons as you - it has to fit just right, I want to feel special and happy when I'm doing something as awesome as running my first marathon, and it definitely has to be "spottable" in a sea of runners! Fingers crossed that you find something perfect!

Beth said...

Thats an awesome track workout. I can't believe you are up at 4:15 and out doing repeats before 5:00 AM!

I just wear my favorite training outfit when I run a race. No surprises and you know its comfortable!

Penny said...

Yes I stress about my race clothes. I got to look pretty even when you might feel so pretty. Great run at the track

BeePieRuns said...

That sounds like an awesome track workout! I'm so impressed with your dedication to speedwork. When I start training again I'm definitely gonna need some pointers!
Good luck finding that perfect shirt!

Angie said...

Fantastic job!! What great consistency!!!! :)

Amanda@runninghood said...

I am impressed with you on so many levels!! First, your must be so incredibly dedicated to get up that early!! I couldn't cut it! Then, you splits are amazing!!! I've never done a workout like this!! You are going to rock your marathon! Wow!!! Seriously, some bad A stuff going on there! You can pull me up those hills in San Fran if we get in the Nike Womans. :) I really want to find a racing shoe...I've heard good things about these Pearl iZumi Streaks!!

Julie D. said...

Those are some awesome splits...and I agree with Amanda...killer dedication for 4:15am wake-up call.

YES! I'm picky about race day apparel. You've got to have something special on raceday!! So funny, my friend and I stress about it way too much too. Her Boston tank was a SERIOUS issue...overnighting online orders, last minute runs to the mall, running stores... she finally found it...thank the LOrd!! ;) What I'm trying to say is: I get it!!