Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's March!?

Wow, I don't know where this year is going.  That being said, I'm excited that March is here.  It is going to be a busy and fun and crazy month all at the same time.  Here's what I plan to love about March:

  • Jonny will be a year old on Saturday!!  I can't believe it, it has gone so fast.  Poor kid though, I don't have anything planned to celebrate.  Emme got a full on party with balloons and family and presents... Calvin had the party and cake and presents... Leona had two parties, one that coincided with her Nana's 60th birthday so it was a big deal, but poor Jonny, he'll be lucky to get a cake, hopefully his grandparents remember him (hint, hint). 
  • Spring Break!!!  As much as I love having my kids in school I'm really looking forward to having a break from all the craziness that school schedules bring.  It will be great to have a week off where we can play and have fun and not stress every morning about getting out the door on time.
  • Girl's Weekend.  Dan is headed to Colorado to visit his sister and watch the Portland Timbers in their MLS debut so I've begged convinced asked my mom to come up and hang out with me and the kids.
  • Spring!!!  I'm so ready to be done with winter.  I'm tired of being cold.  Of course spring here in Eugene really just means lots and lots of more rain, but it also mean that summer is close around the corner.  Hooray!
As for running, I think I finally have a(nother) plan.  My knee really has been bothering me... a lot.  I took most of last week off, only running twice.  Instead of getting the 49 miles that I had on the schedule I barely halved it at 28... of course one of those runs was a 20 mile race so I'm not really sure that was the best way to rest.  After giving it a lot of thought, I've decided to take this entire week completely off from running.  I don't want to miss the mileage because I know it is an important part of my marathon training (which is only 60 days away, yikes!) but I also know that if I don't give myself a chance to heal there will be no marathon and I really don't want that.  So, instead of running, I am going to do a little bit better job of cross training (as in, I'm actually going to do some).  Today, I finally utilized our cable and hooked up with Jillian Michaels as she spent 57 minutes promising to help get rid of those problem areas.  It was fairly intense but just what I was looking for.  I think we'll get together again tomorrow.  It was also nice, because by working out at home, I could wear just compression shorts and a sports bra without anyone laughing at me (outside of the 5 people that couldn't resist as they walked by my living room window... note to self, close the blinds next time) and I only had to figure out how to keep Leona's cracker crumbs off my yoga mat (big fail there) and Jonny & his toys in the play pen.  Leona was a big helper in that she would tell me "you're not doing it right", "don't stop", "keep your head up"... I think she may have a budding career as a taskmaster fitness instructor. 
 She was certainly dressed to impress (the pose & the outfit, including wig, were entirely her own):

I can already feel my shoulders/tris/glutes screaming at me, so Ms. Jillian must know what she's talking about.  If things work out well, I'm also going to try to hit up lap swim a couple times this week.

Anyway, I think that's about it from me today.  Make sure you stop by tomorrow because I'm going to have a giveaway!!  I am super, duper, totally excited about it too... it's a good one!!


Emz said...

the wig

problem areas? as if you have those.

Deanna@MilesToRun said...

How cute! I could just imagine your little fitness instructor giving you cues as you workout. I love her outfit. I don't know that I would have been able to keep a straight face with her in that wig.

March sounds like a good month for you! I'm hoping spring is around the corner here too.

Amanda@runninghood said...

More in a bit but first of all, I love Jillian's trouble zones video...my favorite...she gets results too! :) And yes, I'm serious...my friend and I can enter your name with us and we can probably get a few others on board too and then just carpool in a minivan down there! Would be fun! It is a lottery so no for sure that we would be in but if we got in then we'd all get in. :)

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Cross training has got to help us runners. I keep telling myself that! Yikes, 60 days away--can't wait for our bloggy meetup too.

XLMIC said...

What a cutie Miss Leona is!
Good for you for hitting up the cross-training... be good to your knee, missy!

Hope it is feeling ship-shape soon :)

Anonymous said...

she is too cute! and great work with ms. jillian.

P said...

That wig ROCKS!! She is definitely ready for a job as taskmaster/fitness instructor! :)
Good luck with your week off of running and fingers crossed that a little rest takes care of everything that ails you. (Don't forget to keep up with the cross-training even when you go back to running!)

BeePieRuns said...

I've been all hung up on May being sooooo far away, but then you re-phrased it for me by pointing out that it's only 60 days... yikes! I love that you're stepping out of your comfort zone and doing cross training at home - definitely hard for me to do. Thanks for the new perspective and inspiration! And hooray for Jonny!