Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's catch up time...

We are officially in the throws of spring break which means that I am outnumbered 4 to 1 while Dan is at work.  For the most part this has been going relatively smoothly albeit busy and chaotic.  Needless to say though, my time to blog and read blogs has been mostly nonexistent.  So, here's a brief recap of the last few days and possibly a plan for the rest of the week in case I don't pop back on here again:

Saturday I had the great opportunity to head out for a long run with Kim from (Just) Trying is for Little Girls.

We went on a preview of the Eugene Marathon (half) course and then added on a few more miles to give us a solid 16+ to make it a distance PR for Kim.  It was awesome... we talked the whole entire time and the mileage flew by.

It's really going to be hard to go back to doing long runs "all by me onesies" again. If you'd like a better recap of our time & the course, you should check out Kim's post HERE.  Although, if you check it out, you'll notice we had a slightly different version of how I handled the "big hill".  Here is mine:

Monday we picked Dan up from the airport and spent some time in Portland were we stopped by the Portland Temple to show the kids where we were married:

It was cold and rainy and they were power washing the sidewalks so we didn't stay long.  We headed to Woodburn where we had lunch before hitting up the outlet mall where I hooked myself up with these bad boys (Pearl Izumi Streak) for a substantial discount.  They are more of a racing flat/speed workout shoe and will be happily welcomed into my shoe rotation.
No, they didn't come muddy... I've already run in them, twice.
I got the chance to break them in yesterday when I took the kids to the track. I didn't get up early to run, so I thought the kids could could get out some energy while earning some distance towards the Eugene Kid's Marathon and when they got tired of that, ride their scooters and play soccer on the infield while I ran 24 or more circles ovals.  Well, it turned out 11am at the track, during spring break, is THE place to be.  The entire distance team from South Eugene High School's track team was there along with the Oregon Track Club Elite's and their coaches doing workouts.  It was busy and they were fast.  After making my children swear that they wouldn't step one step out of lane 8 we commenced running.  Calvin and Emme both got 3 laps in and I managed a couple of miles.  There was however one point, where Leona took an armful of sand (out of the long jump pit of course) and dumped it right at the starting line in lane 1, which brought on an enormously disdainful look from the OTC coach and me sprinting across the muddy infield to retrieve her (hence the muddy shoe picture above).  All in all we had a great time though and when Dan got home from work, I headed out in the beautiful sunshine to finish up my mileage.
Calvin, pretending his legs hurt...
then sprinting off ahead of me while yelling, "Ha ha, I'm wining!"

For the rest of the week, we're hoping for more sunshine, less rain and the opportunity to do some park hopping.  If we're really lucky, we might spend the day at the beach on Friday or Saturday... we'll see. 
As for running, for the most part, I'm boycotting getting up before 7 and therefore will be doing my running in the evening when Dan gets home from work.  The sleep has been nice and not running in the dark has been awesome!


Heather said...

I feel ya on the morning running. Way too dark. My plan is also a boycott until it gets too hot here to run in the afternoon.

XLMIC said...

Looks like you do a better job when outnumbered than I do... lol. You are so brave to take them to the track with you, and they were remarkably well-behaved... that OTC coach needs a life :P I remember fountains when I used to go visit my dad in Portland. Is there still the humongous one that is like a whole city block big? And are there still really pretty drinking fountains that are perpetually running on almost every street corner?

Here's to maintaining your strength and sanity and joy for the rest of the week :)

Emz said...

YAY on the run!

Love the "O" stadium in the back ground!

Wishing you lots of sunshine!!

me/mom/NANA said...

Love the photos. I have the one of your 4 beautiful little ones as my background now. Can't wait to show it to Papa.

FruitFly said...

You have been busy!!
You and Kim could just talk AND run for 16 miles with no problem? Dang, I want to do that!
I went in the temple once in the 6th grade when they had an open to the public day. Wow - it is so fancy inside! I remember we had to wear little booties over our shoes so we wouldn't track in any dirt!

racing dawn said...

busy busy! nice run... and i think you've been sending all your rain this way... i swear we cannot catch a break...still getting snow! today its melted but who knows by tomorrow... :0

and you are brave to go to the track witht he kids! way to get those runs in... i'm sure the kids love it!

Jill said...

Ahhh, spring break! I'l be there next week - can't wait.

Your little guy on the track just makes me smie, so reminds me of my little ones many years ago :).

Great job on the runs...and solo runs are ok now and then, you will do well, cuz that's just what ya do! :)

Nicole Orriëns said...

I like your blue shoes!

Mom's Home Run

Small Town Runner said...

Just wanted to say that your clan is SO stinkin' CUTE!
and...I like the shoes. I need to venture into some new brands. =D