Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm a druggie.

=I am soooo tired of all the snottiness that is going on in our house... the kids and mine.  Bleh. :P  I finally broke down (with the urging of my mom, who was probably tired of me calling and crying to her) and made a trip to urgent care last night.  I tried to get in with my doctor but they assured me they wouldn't be able to get me in this week and since I did indeed "sound sick, you poor dear" they suggested I go to urgent care.  This actually worked out fairly well as I didn't have to find someone to watch my kids or heaven forbid, take all 4 of them with me, I just waited until Dan got home from work.  As in, he literally walked in the door, I handed him Jonny and I walked out.  This put me at Eugene Urgent Care just before 6pm, where I then proceeded to wait and wait and wait and wait some more.  It was quiet though and I didn't have to do anything but sit and wait, which was nice.  If I hadn't been so sick, I might have even enjoyed it.

I even got to overhear some somewhat humorous conversations.  This clinic is basically on campus, so most of the other sickies in attendance were "kids" recently escaped from their dorm rooms. Three such dorm rats of the male persuasion came in shortly after me, one sickie and his two buddies for moral support I guess.  For your entertainment here is their conversation I overheard:

Friend 1: "Dude, how high do you think someone could count if they counted every day for a year?"
Sickie:  "That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard."
Friend 1:  "No seriously, how high could they count if they did it for a year, like if you and  (Friend 2) were to start counting right now how high do you think you would get?"
Sickie:  "Again, that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard."
Friend 2:  "Do you mean like 24/7/365?"
Friend 1:  "Well, you probably wouldn't count in your sleep, unless you talk in your sleep a lot."
Friend 2:  "How about lunch breaks?  Should we treat it like a 9 to 5 job?  I'd probably need water breaks because my throat would get sore."

At that point, I, like Sickie, kind of lost interest in the conversation but thought it was humorous enough to share.  They seriously kept talking about counting until a couple of "cute" girls walked in, probably 10 minutes later, and then they switched to more tough guy topics.

Anyway, after a little over an hour in the waiting room, I finally saw the doctor who in less than 5 minutes, confirmed my suspicions that I did indeed have a terrible sinus infection that probably wouldn't be clearing up without a full arsenal of antibiotics, nasal spray and the real deal Sudafed... you know the good stuff that actually worked that you used to be able to buy over the counter before all the meth heads ruined it for everyone. Unfortunately by that point it was well after hours for the pharmacies, so I couldn't start my stock pile of meds until this morning... but I'm well on my way to being a dealer healed now.  I was a little too anxious though, and got to the pharmacy almost 20 minutes before it opened, no big deal we'll do some grocery shopping, then I turned in my prescriptions and shopped for 20 more minutes while the counted out the pills.  What do you by when you're sick?  Orange juice, yogurt (to hopefully counterbalance the antibiotics) and some more random juices, along with malt-o-meal and soup.  My poor family.  Hopefully the meds kick in soon, I've had a hard time coping as a stay at home mom and lets not even talk about running right now.  In the back of my mind I'm super terrified about not being ready for my marathon but right now the thought of doing much more than walking two blocks to pick Calvin up from school makes me cringe... and even that makes my head throb.


Julie said...

Sorry you feel so bad :-(
My husband and kids had the flu for the last two weeks and then the little one started running a fever again and we took her in yest and found out she now has a sinus infection, like you!

Take care of yourself!

Heather said...

I have chronic sinus. It's awful.

I can tell you though that my last full blown infection brought me Shaye Baby...darn that antibiotic/birth control pill cocktail!!
(JK - glad to have her. Hope you recover soon.)

Angela said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Kovas said...

Feel better! Though that conversation sounds pretty entertaining.

tri like mary said...

I dealt with that sinus infection nonsense last week. Take my advice and heal up before you head out for more runs. Running while you're that sick does NOTHING for you! Get well soon!

BeePieRuns said...

I wonder how high you could count if you were high on sudafed? Just kidding, hope you're feeling better soon!

Callie. said...

that conversation is definitely worth repeating. Funny stuff. We are all sick here too. Pink eye, pneumonia coughs, etc. I am sooo sick of being trapped inside with a bunch of sickies too. It's nasty stuff. Of course it is even worse when mom is sick, because we all know we don't get breaks. Hope you get better soon!!

Catey said...

Love the counting conversation! lol But now I'm curious....
Hope the real deal arsenal of drugs helps and you feel better soon! (and I too am SO irritated that you can't get normal sudafed anymore....frustrating!)