Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  I just got back from my first run for this week.  Due to traveling, sickness (both me & my kids) and general laziness on my part (lazy as in, I didn't want to run in the cold and dark this week) I hadn't run since last Saturday!  Normally I'd be freaking out, but I think it's kind of scarier that I'm okay with my general slackiness (no, not a real word, but I'm using it anyway).  The good news (and maybe why I'm not freaking out) is that this week is a step back week, with only 33 miles and no long run scheduled, so since I did 12 today and if I skip my rest day tomorrow (which I obviously don't need since I rested, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday) and average 11 miles for Friday & Saturday, I'll still hit my weekly mileage.  I had planned to go last night so that I wouldn't have to cram so much mileage into only 3 days, but it just didn't happen.

I'll look just like Jenny McCarthy
minus the platinum blonde
and big boobs of course
2.  I'm getting my hair cut.  I've been telling Dan this for a while and have come close to getting it done several times but have never called to set up an appointment.  The last time I got it cut was shortly after Jonny was born, which is working on a year now, basically, way too long... as is my hair.  Part of the reason I've put it off so long is that I don't have someone here in Eugene to go to... I want somebody good. The other reason is I'm lazy (seems to be the theme here today).  I can't stand having my hair down, at all, when I'm running.  I've seen ladies running around with long hair blowing in the wind (and in their faces) and I don't know how they do it, I can't stand it.  The problem, however with my hair now is that I can't stand it down when I'm not running either therefore I always pull it back.  This is fine except I always look like I've just come from a run... chances are I've usually have just come from a run but I shouldn't always look like it.  I need a little bit more style in my life.

3.  I left my foam roller at my grandma's house.  :(  I didn't really think I'd miss it much but I've found myself longing for it recently.  She offered to mail it to me, but I told her not to worry about it.  Luckily though, my parents will be coming through Eugene this weekend on their way to watch my sister swim at a meet in Seattle so they'll bring Ol' Foamy back!!  Yay!  In exchange I'll give them my grandma's house key that I have been holding as ransom.  (Sorry Grammy.)


Emz said...

girl you and lazy . . .


That's some GREAT mileage!!
love the hair. the boob part --- they are way over-rated.

Kovas said...

Great hairstyle, and boobs are so not over-rated, regardless of what Em says.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Ooooh, I love new haircuts...especially this one. I'm trying to grow mine out though. You'll look beautiful (you already are!). Yes, boobs...I have none so I'm saying they are overrated too! :)

Julie D. said...

cute hair! boobs? definitely over-rated.

Jen said...

LOVE the hair... I had it like that and would still, but I have curly hair and I am just too busy to straighten it all the time.

Boobs... well, I used to be HUGE, but since I lose weight... I am barely a B.

Stephanie said...

I'm desprite for a haircut, too. It is WAY over due. And I have the same general roadblocks - laziness of getting around to it and finding someone to do the deed. Good luck - I know you'll look amazing. :)

Teamarcia said...

I had that exact cut (which I loved) until 6 months later the Caveman finally told me he didn't dig it. men. Boobs? What are those?

S Club Mama said...

but if you're hair is shorter like Jenny's how will you pull it back when you run? It won't all fit and you'll be left with little flyaways at the bottom? :S I'm sorry I go through this all the time of whether to cut my hair off or not so these are my questions for myself :D

Momma K and her Krew said...

I used this exact pict and got my haircut after nine million years of having it long. Love love it. I wear a headband when I run and two teeny tiny pigtails to keep it back. This chick on esty sells awesome, no headache inducing, inexpensive and super cute headbands. I buy a new one a month! Let me know if you want the info!

racing dawn said...

love the bob!!! so cute!

i've gone short before and the great thing about it is that hair grows... :) color...that's another story... ;)

and i can't run with my hair down - drives me crazy. i don't know how people do it.

you're so dang cute tho it doesn't even matter!

LB said...

i love that style, mine is similar. i do miss a ponytail though. i wish i could go blonde like that too. need pics once you do the CHOP!

XLMIC said...

Running with boobs is a total pain... literally.

The haircut will look super cute on you! You are brave to do it!

I'd be seriously missing my roller if I'd left it somewhere! It'll feel so good to use it again! In the meantime, you could use a rolling pin (ouch) or a tennis ball.

FruitFly said...

If you haven't noticed, I have a ton of hair. Every time I get it cut I tell her we can't make it too short for a good pony tail. I would go crazy if I had any hair touching me or in my face, or worse, sticking to my back while running. I don't know how anyone can run without having it up and out of the way! I'd have to be either super short and long. You'll have to share pictures after you find someone to do the job!!