Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Home Alone & Knee Pain

Okay, so with 4 kids at home, I'm not exactly alone but I am playing single mom for a few days while Dan is off (officially) becoming a big studly lawyer (or at least taking their dumb test so he can then officially pay them more money to join their elitist club.  Please thinking happy bar passing thoughts for him).  I should be stressed out that I am now outnumber 4 to 1 with no hope of backup in sight but so far things have gone pretty well.  (Of course it hasn't even been 24 hours, check back in with me tomorrow night, I just might be singing a different tune.)

I was actually fairly excited to stay up late last night and watch some girly type movies then lounge comfortably in the middle of my bed all by myself and read my book that I've been trying to finish for 3 weeks.  In actuality though, I headed to bed probably a little earlier than usual, read less than a chapter in my book before turning out the light and was joined shortly thereafter by miss Leona who must have thought I was lonely all by my onesies.  Every so often she'll sneak down and wiggle her way between Dan and me and it isn't a problem.  Last night though she was all over the place and I ended up sleeping on the wrong side of the bed where I proceeded to wake up every hour and dream non stop about running.  At one point, I was running barefoot with Angie Bee and I could not keep up with her.  I felt bad because she had to keep circling back for me.  Also, it was really rainy and we were afraid we wouldn't be able to get back over the bridge to blog about our adventure.  Pretty random, I know.  It seems like I've been dreaming about running and blogging a lot lately... maybe it occupies too much of my time?!  I hate running dreams though because I always wake up sooooo tired.  How come I can't ever have running dreams where I win a race and everyone loves me?

Obviously not my knee.  If I had quads
like that guys I probably wouldn't be
dealing with knee pain.
As far as running in reality goes, right now it doesn't.  My knee hurt really bad on Sunday so I opted to take yesterday off in hopes to recover a little more.  Today is a scheduled rest day which I'm going to stick with.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a tempo run but I think I'll just take it easy and see how it goes.  I have a 20 mile race on Saturday that I really don't want to miss, not to mention I'm starting to get into the middle of my marathon training and I know I can't afford to miss too much mileage.  On the other hand though I want to be able to run my marathon so I guess I'll take off as much time as I need.  Any suggestions would be great.  My self-diagnosing/google skills have pegged me with Anterior Knee Pain.  Basically I was fine and then I wasn't.  I feel like my knee cap is bruised and it really hurts to go down stairs.  There doesn't seem to be any swelling and I feel much better when I wake up then I do at the end of the day.  It's my right knee and I've been having issues with a tight right hamstring, so that kind of makes sense.  I've also been dealing with a bothersome left Achilles and I know that I have weak quads. Basically I'm pretty gimpy and lopsided.  I tend to be a "tough things out and push through the pain" sort of girl but I know that isn't always (if ever) the best thing to do.  Anyone else deal with anything sort of like this?  How long did it take for recovery?  What do you suggest for strengthening my quads? I have been icing (my knee) and foam rolling (my hammies) as well as elevating.

And since this has been a fairly wordy and boring post, here's a pic of my little suicidally inclined climber who can't seem to stay off the back of the couch, the bathroom counter or out of the bookshelves.


Run with Jess said...

Bahaha! Love your little guy!
I hope your knee is better soon. Injuries suck. No nice way around that.

Liz said...

I hope you heal up soon. Your little guy is absolutely ADORABLE! Look at that cute little smile! :)

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Welcome to the injured reserve. It sucks here, BTW.

At least AngieBee wasn't running backwards, up the hill in front of you, encouraging you to speed up. I hate that!

Jonny is adorable!

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

hope your knee feels better soon! I don't mind staying at home if I can be with this cute little guy of yours =)

LB said...

your little guy is too cute for words!!! hope your knee is better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Laurie,

My name is Amanda Husted and I went to school with your husband. I think we met once or twice when you came to run at the law school. I came across your blog a few weeks ago and enjoy reading it.

I would suggest looking up some IT band stretches. The IT band tends to be the most ignored yet biggest problem for most runners. It can be the cause of a lot types of knee pain. In college my coach always harped on stretching it after hard runs because you don't feel it until it causes a problem.

Hope it feels better soon!


XLMIC said...

Easy way to work on quads while you have 4 kids running around... those wall-sit things.

Tortuga_Runner said...

The little guys is just super cute!

Look up bursitis. I had it and the pain was due to a break down in form due to weakness in my hips and legs (quads and hammys). IT stretching and strengthen exercises helped a bunch and being very mindful with engaging my hips and legs when I started to feel pain. It helped correct my form. Also had to focus on quality distribution of weight on my foot strike. Single leg exercises helped with that too. Good luck!

Amanda@runninghood said...

ugggh, sorry to hear about this knee pain. I wish I had great advice. Good luck with that 4:1 ratio...my husband goes out of town a lot and it stinks! Thinking of you and your down time and your race this weekend.

Adrienne said...

My husband travels every week so I feel your pain with your man out of town. Look how cute your little climber is. Sorry about your knee pain and running dreams. Hopefully the knee feels better soon.

misszippy said...

Your little guy is SO cute!

I'm not familiar with that type of pain, but I will say that I think you are smart to back off and rest it. Don't try to push through pain--it truly gets you no where but more hurt!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

hola, first the good news you won the swimspot giveaway!! I have sent them your email so you shold hear from them soon.

on the knee is really sounds like runners knee from when i had it...and if you don't take some time off running it gets wayyy worse. I spent a couple weeks taking really long walks and then starting to run again of course this was after I made it really awful by running when it hurt :)