Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Break in Review Pt.3 (the cross training)

You'll be happy to know that this is the 3rd and final installment of my flashback to winter break.  

Despite the fact that I lounged around in my jammies all break eating cookies & candies enjoyed all that my grandma's house had to offer, I managed to get in a little bit of cross training while we were on vacation.  I posted previously about shoveling the driveway which is an excellent way to make it difficult to raise your arms up to wash your hair get a good back/shoulder workout in.  I also, with the help of my mom, took the kids sledding.  Let me tell you, that was a workout.  Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of all the hard work I did, to prove to you that it is hard work, but believe me when I say that the inner tube didn't magically get back up the hill itself.

Also, trying to hold little kids on a giant inner tube while speeding down a hill is a great ab & arm workout.

Oh, who am I kidding?  It was way too much fun to be considered cross training.  Mostly I just wanted to post some more cute pictures of my kids.  So here you go:

"Look at all this snow to eat... it's a lot whiter than the stuff I've been eating off the driveway."

"Oh look, it's a lot easier to eat it if I take off my mitten!"
Ha ha... wipe out!
If you haven't figured it out yet, Leona (my two year old) kind of follows her own rules and marches to a slightly different beat.  Apparently she thought sledding sans sled was they way to go and spent most of the time inching her was down the hill on her own:

Now that I've finally caught up on the last two weeks of my life I might start looking forward a bit, maybe set a goal or two and settle on a marathon training plan since training starts on Monday.


FruitFly said...

All that snow and sliding around -- AWESOME!! It is hard though. I remember going to Diamond Lake when I was little and it seemed like we spent more time hiking up to the top of the hill than we did actually sliding. But it was still such a blast.

Love that little video of Leona!

Dick said...

Great pictures, Laurie! I miss your kids (and you, too) already. We still have a bunch of snow if you're interested in braving the ice-packed surface of Hwy 97 and coming back down to Klamath!

The OC&E Trail has bare pavement. You could go for a couple of nice, relaxing runs in our balmy 23 degree temps!!!

Heather said...

They are cute and that looks like a blast!!

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

aaaaahhhh!!!! so fun!!!! =)

Tortuga_Runner said...

That looks so fun! We have not made it to the snow yet this season. I am inspired to get it on the calendar now.