Friday, January 28, 2011

Who wants candy for breakfast?

I'm here in Klamath Falls at my grandma's having a great time.  Basically its like staying in the candy cottage that Hansel & Gretel found but without the mean old witch that wants to eat you.  Needless to say I'll probably come home a good 50 pounds heavier than when I left and my kids will be working off their sugar highs clear into next week.  Good thing I have that long run planned out for tomorrow... maybe it will help me feel lighter, either that or it's totally going to suck based on the way I have been eating today... hmmm.

Speaking of that run, my dad stopped by and we mapped out our run/ride tomorrow.  I'm actually really excited.  There's a pretty good chance that it will be closer to 17 (or maybe even a little bit more) miles than 16 but that's okay, last week was supposed to be 14 and it ended up being 16, so a little longer tomorrow would actually make sense.  It will be a great time either way.  (In all actuality, it will probably be a lot of me going too fast because I'm worried about him having to go so slowly on his bike and him thinking to himself "why can't she go faster, I'm getting really cold out here just coasting along"...) It will be nice to be running in the daylight hours with someone else.  This will be my second long run in a row with company, it might be hard to go back to doing them by myself.

Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes and if there is something besides snirt (snowy dirt) to take a picture of I might even post a few pics.


runninglawyer said...

lol snirt - you must have seen the Live with Kelly and Mauler (from Ottawa, my town!) this past week!

Good luck with your run with your dad! It sounds awesome!

XLMIC said...

I hope it was a great run! Love the 'snirt' word invention!

FruitFly said...

Make sure you brush and floss! We can't have you all getting cavities after the weekend in candy heaven! ;)

Goodie said...

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