Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Training Now for Tomorrow

I really didn't want to run this morning.  In fact, when my alarm went off at the unsightly hour of 4:45am, I turned it off but stayed in bed willing to take the chance that I might just fall back asleep.  Luckily for me (or I guess luckily for my training) my other alarm (Jonny) went off at 4:50 so that got me out of bed.  Once out of bed I was awake, and what better way to start a day then by going on a tempo run in the dark and dreary, freezing cold and foggy world?!  The fog was so thick, it was crazy.  The stoplights gave a super eerie glow and in the spots where there weren't any streetlights my headlamp did very little to light my way.  There was one spot where I seriously almost ran into a parked car because I just couldn't see it.  It kind of made me worry a bit about things running into me... Buuuut I was safe and made it home in one piece (Jonny too).

The run itself was pretty decent.  It was 8 miles in total with 5 at tempo pace.  Today my tempo goal was 7:32 pace.  I won't lie, it didn't feel very good but as I was running along feeling sorry for myself I realized that everything I do now in training, will make my marathon seem that much easier.  Don't get me wrong, I have no visions about running a marathon being easy in any regard but I really think that if I work hard now, I will at least be as prepared for it as I can.  If nothing else, that kind of thinking will definitely help me through the next 14+ weeks of training as my "long" runs become my maintenance miles, my "5 at tempo" turn into "10 miles at tempo" and my long runs reach into the 20's.  And hopefully, in turn, if when I hit a tough spot in my race I can think back to all the hard work I put into training and realize that I can do it.

Today, I did do it and it really wasn't bad as I feared it would be.
8.17 miles total 1:03:51
5 miles @ 7:22 average
overall average 7:49 pace

If you're looking for a little fun today, head over to SUAR where everyone is playing the anagram game.

Or if you're more in the benevolent mood, Marcia (who is one of the nicest people I've never met) is raising money for an excellent cause, you should definitely check it out HERE.


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

10 miles at tempo!!! Holy smokes, this is why I am in awe of marathon runners.

gmontalvo13 said...

wow, i only wish to be that fast!

Emz said...

freaking. awesome. Laurie.

Angela said...

Laurie, your amazing. AMAZING!!!!

Tricia said...

great job!

Adrienne said...

I didn't realize there was another 4 o'clock in the day? Nice work.

FruitFly said...

It was really foggy down here this morning, too. I wouldn't know about that hour you were up, but it at least was at 7:45! I have had some scary late night foggy runs. It seems like you don't notice anything until it is right in front of you.

I had the same thought last night during my run. For just a short ways my tummy was bothering me. But then I thought I could just power through because every hump I get over will just help me out at the half!

P said...

I'm not a fan of running in the fog, it's so creepy and dangerous. Glad you and the little munchkin made it home fast and safe!

Julie D. said...

NICE run! tempo runs always intimidate me but I feel so accomplished after!