Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Terrible Twosday

I have four kids.  Two of them are in elementary school so at some point in their life they were two.  Why don't I remember them being so terrible?  Is it possible that no one, in the history of being two has been as terrible as my two year old?
Don't let that sweet face fool you.  If you look closely, especially at the reflection in the glass, there is pure evil hiding in that 2 year olds face.

With Miss Leona, every day, at some point is a "Terrible Twosday".  She can throw fits and stomp her feet like none other.  Her favorite thing to say is "No Fair!" and she'll say shout it for anything.  "Leona, you need to go up and go potty, please."  "No fair!"  "Leona, lunch is ready."  "No fair!"  "Leona do you want to take a bubble bath"  "No fair!"  I guess it could be slightly worse, it could just be a flat out "NO!".

Lately she has been loudly protesting the jogging stroller.  This is sooooo sad to me because, well, we spent a lot of money on our double jogger and I plan on using it for a very loooooooong time. Also, sometimes I'd rather sleep in  and run while Emme & Calvin are at school, in the coveted daylight hours... which requires taking both Jonny & Leona.  "No Fair!"

Today, when she woke up Dan and I were talking about how it is going to be a sunny day (Hooray!) and that yesterday she said was singing yelling, "Sun, sun go away" because the sun got in her eyes while we were running.  "No fair!"  So, I mentioned that next time we go running we'll have to bring her sunglasses, which of course led to her wanting to run today.  Well, it just so happens that today is not a running day for me and my legs are tired so I don't plan on changing that.  "I'm sorry Leona, we aren't running today."  Which was of course met with, "No fair!"  Go figure, the one day in the last month that she actually wants to go running we aren't doing it.  I can never win.  

Until I see this:
 and this:
 and this:
 and this:
 even this:
why yes, she is eating frosting out of a can and yes, that is Calvin in the background playing the wii
 and especially this:
 and realize that even on those really terrible twosdays I already have won.

Pretty soon she'll be three, then four, the thirty four and I won't be able to take her running with me or make her hold my hand to cross the street anymore, so terrible two or not, she's mine and I love her quirkiness.  


giraffy said...

Isn't it maddening, how deceptive that cute, teeny face can be?! :D

Angela said...

Your two year old and my two year old would get along wonderfully.

Julie said...

She's a keeper! Too cute!

I got a kick out of her saying "no fair" to "lunch is ready".

We had our nieces stay overnight with us a few months ago and they are much older and should behave better, but one of them was constantly whining "no fair" even when it was completely inappropriate to use the term.

Finally in one situation I made her explain to me what was so unfair about what was going on, so she thought about it for a minute and said, "well, the words just feel good on my tongue".


Jill said...

oh girl, I feel your pain and know.KNow.KNOW.the heartache of a difficult two year old! Hang in there...that precious child will make it far in her life b/c of that driven personality! She will be the one to MAKE things happen vs wondering WHAT just happened! It will be a blessing eventually!
And have mercy, she's so stinkin' cute!! take care, Jill

Kovas said...

Enjoy the terrible twos because I'm sure the terrible teens will be ever so much worse!

Heather said...

Laurie, your kids are gorgeous. (But then again, they DO have your genes....)

Adrienne said...

She is darling. And to think I was just about to ask you how you get your kids to stay in the stroller while you run. My own terrible two year old screams the whole way....no fun.

bobbi said...

Love this post - she is adorable!

Teamarcia said...

Man o man is she ever a cutie! Maybe I should try shouting 'no fair' at my next race?

XLMIC said...

Mine's only 23 months... and it's starting!

Miss Leona is a DOLL! Is she your mini-me? Just so cute!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's a face that would be hard to stay mad at :)

"No fair!"

Heather said...

She looks like a laugh riot!! And she is gorgeous!!

I am going to start saying "No Fair" Every time my kids talk to me.
"I need lunch money."
"No Fair!"

me/mom/NANA said...

Papa and I love this post and needless to say, probably because we are old your remarks made us cry. All your children are beautiful and we miss seeing them. Can't wait until this weekend and hope to see them some.

AshleyR said...

So cute! I love how "no fair" is used in completely inappropriate situations.

AM-GoalsfortheWeek said...

hi there!
I found you via another blog. so cute to see your lil' one ;-0

and embrace it ALL (as you know w/4) ! My lil' ones just turned 5, and I'm in mourning...it's great but those very first years are the bestest

racing dawn said...

are you trying to make me cry? i'm pretty sure we're living identical lives.... my three year old is driving me to the end of my rope every day and he's not even close to being potty trained...i say 'you wanna go potty?' he says, 'nope', 'will you put that in the garbage?', 'nope', 'stop throwing things', 'nope', 'stop drawing on the walls', 'nope', seriously, and then two seconds later he gives me a hug...whatdayado... :)

Dick said...

Laurie...all I can say is that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!! You're right in the later part of your post. Pretty soon Leona will be 34, and she won't be going for runs with you, or holding your hand when she crosses the street. Enjoy her (and the other three monsters) while you have her (them)!

Courtney @ I CAN DO THIS said...

She is gorgeous! No way is she evil :)

Emz said...


All. Of. It.

But that reflection in the mirror. Freaking. Awesome.

Jill said...

I have a 20-year old, I can attest that 20 and 2 are pretty much the same "no fair" age. :)

Run Momma Run said...

Great post and awesome photos. When things get really whiny or the bicker volume gets really cranked up in the house, I tell myself that one day, my husband and I will be sitting around laughing about how they used to drive us frickin crazy, but wish like heck we could be back there in those moments. It softens me up. Oh, and May has that Dora doll. It creeps me out, but she loves it.

FruitFly said...

Okay, she is so so sooooo cute!! And three cheers for thumb suckers! I was a thumb sucker until the 2nd grade I think. :)

P said...

Well, thanks for making me cry. Love this post! Your kids are so lucky to have you as their mom.
When my oldest was two I thought for sure that his unreasonableness would be the death of me (his response was a flat-out "NO" to everything under the sun). Of course, now that he is almost a teenager, I find myself missing those terrible twos more than you can imagine!

Julie D. said...

from this side of the fence she is adorable but because I have my own fiesty, crazy, out of control two year old, i realize it looks a lot different on the other side. :