Monday, January 10, 2011

I Have a Plan & a Power Ballad

It's good that I've finally (mostly) decided on a marathon training plan since today is my self-prescribed start date. I don't really know why it took me so long to pick one... maybe because I want it to be absolutely perfect... or more likely because I'm a very indecisive person.  Anyway, big thanks to Alanna who hooked me up with some great plans that I will definitely be pulling from and P who suggested Smart Coach (which I tried to link but seems to be down this morning) from Runner's World which has always been my go to training source in the past, and also the current running book I'm reading, My Life on the Run by Bart Yasso, which had several fantastic plans in the back.  I'm taking a little bit from each of them, combining some hill workouts (which I've never specifically done before), some Yasso 800's (I hear those are fun) and a 4 running days a week schedule (I usually only take 1, occasionally 2 rest days... 3 could be... fun/interesting... we'll see).

So, here's what it looks like for this week:

M - 9mi easy
T - rest/cross train - I think I'll try to get back in good standing with The Hard Core Club's workouts
W - 7mi with 4 @ tempo pace
R - 8 mi easy
F - rest/cross train - more Hard Core & some yoga
S - 12mi gradually increasing to marathon pace (not 100% sure what I'm aiming at for that, we'll see)
Su - rest

Now, to the important stuff... It's Game Day!!!  That's right, tonight is the NCAA Football National Championship game and My Ducks will be playing (along with Angela's Tigers... boo) .  I know you all have lots of preparations to make before kick off (you better at least wear green and yellow) and while you're cheering for my ducks keep your eye out for Kim & EMZ who are lucky enough to be there.  And thanks to Jimmy Fallon and Sebastian Bach, I'll leave you with the Ducks new Power Ballad to get you pumped up... it's going to be a great day.  Go Ducks!!


FruitFly said...

I want to be like you! I recall you saying you didn't get to run as much as you'd like ... yet here you are this week running 36 total miles. It would take me 3 weeks to do that!!

Julie said...

My husband's new favorite song :-)

Heather said...

The training plan sounds great.

I had to move down to four days during my half training as I kept feeling like some one had beaten me up when I was running five. (Says the triathlete who only runs to finish the race.)

I am sure you will be awesome.

Heather said...

Saw that ballad a few days ago. Love it.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

That is quite the first week!

Oregon has some of the coolest unifroms, though I don't like the font of their numbers, looks so clunky with the rest of the design.

ERG @ Elkton Runner said...

Sweet plan for the week! Do I smell a BQ brewing?

Teamarcia said...

Woot for marathon training! Good luck and have fun with it!
The Caveman will be in his glory tonight with all that football.

XLMIC said...

Kickin' plan! Go, Ducks!

Tortuga_Runner said...

Bummer about the ducks. Good luck with the training plan!