Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hot Dogs & Macaroni and Cheese

How Not to Fuel for a Run

So, after all my "woe is me, I've missed my run" whining comments yesterday, my husband suggested that I do it after the kids were in bed.  Hmmm, why not?  So, I did.  The problem is it was one of those days where I didn't feel like fighting anyone to eat dinner or spend a lot of time making it so we had mac & cheese and hot dogs, oh and pears from a can (at least they were packed in 100% juice).  So after loading up on all the processed food and nitrates, I quickly sent the kids to bed lovingly hugged and kissed each one of my little ones then my husband tucked them in... several times, while I got ready to run.  

19 1/2 minutes later (see Dan, I did it in less than 20 minutes) I was on my way.  It was cold but felt great.  My stomach, on the other hand was a flip flopping unhappy mess.  I had 8 miles on the schedule, 3 of those being at the track, so I decided on a nice 4.5 mile route for a warm up, which would leave me with a nice 1/2 mile cool down to my house after the track (I love living so close to everything I could ever need for running).  I'll be honest, the 4.5 didn't really feel very good, my tummy was churning & crampy and I should have been pretty fast (even though it wasn't) because it was somewhat "jet propelled".  With about half a mile to the track, my mom called.  I missed her call, because I had my phone in my newest running toy (which I will review later) and thought someone was coming up behind me with a radio.  I wouldn't normally talk while running, but since I needed a distraction from my tummy issues and I had been trying to get in touch with her for two days I called her back.

Mom, "Where are you, are you outside?"
Me, "Yes, I'm running." (If she couldn't already tell by the heavy panting into the phone)
Mom, "Well, I thought so.  I'll let you go."
Me,  "No, it's okay, I want to talk..."  It was actually pretty cool, almost like having a running partner and since it was dark and there was no one around, nobody could tell that I was running along talking on the phone and it distracted me just enough that I actually went to the track instead of taking my upset tummy home.

Despite the less than stellar start to the run, my track workout went great!  I forgot to check what my times were supposed to be for the mile repeats and since I only had to do two I decided to just run them and see what happened.  The first one felt really good as I got going so I figured it was pretty slow but when I checked my 800 it was 3:24 and I finished in a 6:49:44!  I was pleased with this because it was comfortably speedy and also pretty consistent.  After an 800 jog, I started on the second mile and knew it wasn't going to go as well.  My legs felt tired but it was really my stomach that was holding me back.  However at the 800 I was at a 3:22... really?!  Figuring I looked at my stopwatch wrong (it was pretty dark) I just kept on, trying to stay at an even pace and ended up finishing in 6:46:44.  Wow, I didn't think I was in that sort of speed shape.  Maybe hot dogs and macaroni aren't the worst thing to eat pre-run after all?

Anyway, I was happy to get my run in and when all was said and done it was an awesome run... I really did enjoy it (it's amazing what a good track workout will do to make you forget about tummy problems).  A big thanks to "Coach Dan" for getting me out the door.  Also thank you for all your well wishes for Jonny, he had another pretty rough night but I think (hopefully) is over the worst of it.  Happy Thursday... it's almost the weekend!


Heather said...

That is exactly why I try not to run at night. I don't want to have to skimp on my dinner.
Sounds like you did a great job though!

XLMIC said...

I eat dinner after. I usually run after the kids are in bed and even tho I'm pretty tired, the run usually seems to be a-okay. Good for you for getting out there and kicking the track's butt!

Cat B. said...

This happens to me all the time. After dinner is usually the only time for me to run. Although, taco nights sure can be rough.

Kovas said...

Post mac&cheese&hot dogs one should always wait 21 1/2 minutes to run, to let the tummy settle. Also, maybe your jets need to be adjusted?

FruitFly said...

Okay, I LOVE Mac and Cheese. BUT, every time I eat it my tummy gurgles and hurts. I can't imagine how you did such a great run with that in your tummy. Major kudos to you!!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Loved reading this for so many reasons. First off, you're fast! Awesome. Doesn't it feel good to run (after the fact) when you thought you were just going to miss out? That has been every night this week for me. IN fact, after reading your post last night, I still was on the fence about getting up enough energy to head to the gym for my repeat incline workout. uggh. But I did it...even if it was at 8p.m and I was exhausted. :) I love talking to my mom when I have my little earpiece in and am just off for a run outside. We do that a lot during the summer. Love that you had a little jet propelling action. :) I have some repeat miles coming up in my training in a few weeks...yuck..have not done them in so long. I am running my first 5k since college in March (The shamrock) as a scheduled tune up race. Hoping for some sub 7's...would love if they all were sub 7's. we shall see. So glad you got your run in Laurie! Do you do track workouts with your jogger stroller sometimes??

Emz said...

You. Speedy. Mac eater.
Hugely. Jealous. Here.

Way to go!!!!!
Loved this post. Love the mom/me part most. ;)