Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ever have one of those days?

well, I had one of those weeks...

Monday brought about an ominous start... I went on a nice 9 mile run, with both Jonny & Leona where for at least 7.5 of those miles Leona was either crying or complaining and refusing to nap, needless to say everyone could hear us coming. I knew at that point it was going to be a bad day... running was supposed to be my stress relief. She then continued her fit for the whole time we waited for Calvin to get out of school because she didn't want to wait for him she just wanted to go home. Yep, all the other kindergarten parents love us and think I'm a great mom. Then there was some lost paper work, emails that wouldn't go through, a trip to the office to replace said paper work and emails (with all 4 kids at that point), followed by a stressful and disappointing football game.

Tuesday brought about a rest day, where I had planned to get back into doing some weights and ab work but didn't.  Instead we went to a lackluster playgroup where I spent more time trying trying to convince Leona to go and play with the kids while rescuing things from Jonny's mouth than I did visiting with the other mom's (isn't playgroup really there more for my enjoyment?).  Then I went to see Hood to Coast and although I enjoyed my time away I came away from the movie feeling not too greatly impressed.

Wednesday was an early morning tempo run with Jonny.  It was wiiiindy.  On tap was 7 miles with 4 at tempo pace. The 1 1/2 mile warm up went well then I turned into the wind to start the tempo but struggled to stay under 8 min pace until I hit the halfway point which brought about the tailwind that made it hard for me to stay above 7 minute pace  Overall I guess the head and tailwinds worked out because I averaged around 7:30 pace which was my goal.

Thursday was an easy (and early, not looking to repeat Monday's fun with Leona) 8 miles, followed by lots and lots of rain and closet cleaning.

Friday was a furlough day for both the kids and Dan, which meant lots of fun (note the sarcasm) and stir craziness.  Emme, Jonny, Leona & I spent most of the day running errands and returning items, including the fastest trip to Costco ever.  Only to get home to discover that even though I had planned lasagna for dinner and been to two different grocery stores I didn't have any pasta sauce or the ingredients to make any.  Ugh.  Then shortly after dinner, Jonny started yelling and complaining and really didn't quit until long after he should have already been in bed... think it might have anything to do with the bean burrito he had for lunch?!  Lesson learned.

Saturday brought about my long run that I couldn't seem to get motivated to do but went anyway, knowing that I'd only feel worse if I didn't go.  It took basically the first 6 miles to really get into it, but once I did it ended up being a great run.

Also during the week I managed to fall (mostly) into the bathtub while washing Leona's hair soaking my sweatshirt and bruising my side, break the dishwasher door, and somehow get some funky kink behind my shoulder blade while doing my hair... yeah, I'm that talented.

All-in-all though I'm not complaining... it was just a long week but it is over and so is week 1 of marathon training, only 15 more weeks to go.  Bring it on...


XLMIC said...

And how great is it that THAT week is now over? lol (((hugs))), Laurie... you deserve an awesome week this time! I am so impressed that you are able to get out there w/ the stroller at all, let alone with two kids. I wouldn't think you were a bad mom if I were there at K pick-up... but that's cuz I read your blog ;-)

Teamarcia said...

Ugh! Chaotic to say the least. I've come so close to doing the same thing while washing the kid's hair. Makes me nuts. Here's to a calm and wonderful week!

P said...

Yikes. That's a heckuva week right there! Cheers to this week being a little kinder and gentler on you. :-)

Heather said...

Wow, that WAS one of those weeks! Here's hoping this week is better!