Thursday, December 16, 2010


I think that pretty much sums up my general attitude about everything as of late.  I don't know what the deal is but it seems like this week is dragging on but at the same time there isn't enough time in my day to accomplish all that I would like need to do.  Today I had planned to go on an early morning run so that I would be able to devote all my "extra" day light hours to my "to do" list but it was cooooold this morning (no, not Canada cold, but very much Eugene cold) and I'm getting over a nasty head cold and am achy and my bed was so warm and I can't find my pepper spray and it was dark and everyone was still asleep and I was tired and... you name it I came up with an excuse because of it.  Next week is winter break for my kids, which means my only option will be to run in the dark and cold and dreary early morning so it's probably a good thing I used up all my excuses this morning.

Last week I went on a rare night time run after Dan got home from work (it was either that or lock myself away from my kids to never be seen again) and I think if given the option early morning dark running is better than late night dark running.  Either way I'm running in the dark but at least in the morning I can pretend that it is getting lighter as I go.  Also, in the morning, there are less cars and most of the crazy people are other runners haven't gotten up yet instead of at night when it is just becoming their bewitching hour.  If you have to run in the dark, do you prefer to do it late or early?

Now it's off to start working on that to do list:

Done so far:
1. make breakfast/lunch for Dan
2. Emme & Calvin dressed/fed/off to school (barely)
3. Leona & Jonny dressed/fed (mostly done, can Jonny wear his jammies all day for the 2nd day in a row?)

Still to do:
4.  breakfast for me (better eat something if I really want to run 12 today)
5.  stew in the crockpot (probably better find a recipe)
6.  2nd breakfast for Jonny/snack for Leona
7.  bundle up kids/into stroller
8.  run, run, run/naps for kids
9.  pickup Calvin
10.  lunch for Noni/Jonny & me if I think about it
11.  shower/get dressed
12.  finish making Christmas cards for church caroling tonight (don't worry I'm not singing, I'll stay behind to get the refreshments going)
13.  get a happy picture of my kids and get it uploaded to Shutterfly to cash in on my 50 free Christmas new year's cards
14.  finish laundry
15.  spelling list with Emme
16.  dinner
17.  say hi and bye to Dan, head off to caroling supporting the women in my ward as they go caroling
18.  tomorrow, finalize everything for Emme's birthday party on Saturday.... ugh!!

After this week is over, I think I'll probably be looking forward to Christmas break.  Yeah, remind me I said that after having just one day with all 4 kids home and pouring rain outside.

Anyway, I better get busy.  What's on your list today?


Runners Fuel said...

Busy, busy lady. I think it's crazy for everyone this time of the year. I have to work, pick up one last x-mas gift, head to the gym, come home, laundry, dishes, dinner, icing my knees, shower, some tv time (my favorite) and off to be bed.

Rae said...

You are a busy girl!

Emz said...

"you've freaking got this" can be used on to-do lists too [just sayin'].

I'm writing this so I remember too.

Remember we wait all year for this "season". two deep inhales - come on do it!

now go tackle that list girl [with a big smile and maybe a few middle fingers]. ;)

you're awesome.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Morning - get it out of the way and no excuses later.

P said...

Wow. You win. I thought I was pretty crazy busy, but you have a kid's birthday and that pretty much trumps everything on the stress-o-meter. Good thing running is a good stress-reliever. :-) Have fun on your 12!!

misszippy said...

My head is spinning reading that! The week is almost over and then next week you can try to relax as much as the kids will let you. Just think--January will bring kids back to school and holidays over.

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Ha! New Year's cards! Good plan.

FruitFly said...

I'm a dark runner during the week - with Sunday being my only day to enjoy running when the sun is up.I always run after work - but it's been getting later and later. I think the last two nights I was out at 9:45pm to start my runs. I'm kind of nocturnal which is probably why I function so well late at night. BUT I enjoy the morning runs more I think because I feel energized the rest of the day. It is kind of fun for me to be up before everybody else - and I do feel safer with dark mornings versus dark nights.

My to-do list to day is to get through another work day .... then run 3.5 miles and then bake Christmas cookies and decorate them with frosting. I have NEVER done this before. I'm a little scared!

Good luck with your busy day! I bet you'll sleep well tonight!

racing dawn said...

I am having a little mini panic attack for you right now... :) I feel your anxiety sister... It all comes together somehow... I run at night cause I have to relieve all the tension I've built up during the day! By now you've got half your day's list done! Way to go! :)

Heather said...

Definitely prefer to run in the morning. I would rather get up early than try to go at night when I obviously should be chilling on the couch with my family.
That list is scary.
New Years cards rock.

Detroit Runner said...

Work, work, oh, and work. That's it for me today.

Tortuga_Runner said...

wow, you can take 2 on a 12 mile run? Mine are antsy at 3.

The Turtle said...

I feel you on the long days that feel short. The work days feel so long, but the evenings are way too short for me. I hope you were able to get it all done today.