Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday Training Tip from Jeff Galloway

Today brings us the 4th and final installment of the training video series from Jeff Galloway. If you've missed the other 3, or want a review you can click on the subjects to check them out: Run, Walk, Run Method, Running & Walking Form, and the Cadence Drill, or if you'd rather just get them all in one place you can click HERE and head over to the runDisney website.

This week's tip is the Jeff Galloway Acceleration-Glider Drill.  Here's a quick summary, followed by the video:

The Jeff Galloway Acceleration – Glider Drill performed once a week will help you become faster and go the distance.  This interval training drill teaches you to increase speed during your workout and gently move into a gliding stride.  Let’s hit the road with Jeff Galloway.

This drill, like the Cadence Drill from last week, seems like it is something that would be really beneficial to overall speed.  I think it could also be used as an intimidation tactic.  I would imagine if you are running along in a race and all of a sudden break into a seemingly effortless acceleration, those that are running around you will either think you are crazy or have a crazy amount of energy and be hesitant to break away with you.  Has anyone tried anything like this or this drill in particular?

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on Jeff Galloway's videos all together.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  I'd also like to give a big thanks to Emily, on behalf of runDisney, for providing me with these video tips to share with you... it has been fun!   Happy Tuesday... it's almost Christmas!!


FruitFly said...

I actually started to try this last week during a run .... but, true to form, I got distracted by absolutely nothing and forgot what I was doing. I run tonight - I'll try to remember to give it a try!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

laurie i got my gift and you are so thoughtful!!! I am in love with those headbands and my name on it, oh my gosh!!! can't wait to post a pic