Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Training Tip from Jeff Galloway

I've been having a lot of trouble with getting this video posted today which is why Tuesday's tip is coming so late.  I hope it works...

This week's tip incorporates part of the running form that was discussed last week:  taking smaller steps.  Here is a quick summary:

I'm still not 100% sold on the whole shuffling feet thing.  I've played around a little bit on a couple of my runs trying to take smaller strides and increasing the speed of which my feet turn over.  I could see that it might increase my overall speed, but I think I'd really have to concentrate to keep my strides shorter... it just goes against everything I've always been taught.  Maybe I'll give the cadence drill a shot during my next track workout and see how it goes.  Are you a long strider or do you take little stutter steps?  What are your thoughts on Jeff Galloway and his techniques?  Last part in our 4 part series coming next week.  Hope Tuesday has been treating you well.


trifitmom said...

i did not watch the youtube vid but a trainer i worked with at my gym who is an ironman said i needed to turn over more in my stride. but i took high school track and i feel like i was told to open my stride up so i find it a hard habit to break.

FruitFly said...

I feel like I am more of an in-betweener, but I'm not really sure. I know my stride obviously increases in my final kick - and I always find that fun. And at the start when I'm still warming up it is smaller like he's talking about. But just based on feel, I feel like I don't fall into either category.

ERG said...

Thanks for posting this, Laurie. I have counted my cadence once- but did it over a minute with the left side. It was very telling. It isn't as high as it "should be" and I think I could use a lot improvement in this area...but i believe I have made some improvement in the last year.

I noticed that when I was forced to rehab an injury on a trainer bike a year ago, that my cadence really picked up when I got on the road again. Something about keeping the feet closer and picking up quicker-the further (farther?) they get away from me, the longer it takes to bring them back. Plus I was a BAD heel-striker, not so much now.

Just think of those runners who look like they aren't running, but they fly right past you!

Anyhow..I am on board with this drill and hope to try it out..maybe tomorow!

whew! long post. =D