Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Plans

HBBC LogoI'm not 100% sure of all my Holiday plans but I do know that they will involve a lot of eating.   Especially eating a lot of goodies.  Try as I might, I know that I don't have the will power (or really desire) to avoid eating all the goodies... especially the homemade candies and cookies and pies and fudge and...  oh, sorry got lost there for a minute in a candy stupor daydream.  Also, with my last scheduled race of the season being this weekend, I have very little to keep me motivated on the running front.  So, when Amanda over at Run to the Finish presented the opportunity to sign up for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge I jumped right on it.  This is apparently the 3rd year of the challenge's existence and it seems that it is growing in popularity each year.  As of right now there are 255 people signed up to participate!

The rules are pretty simple:

HBBC Rules 
1 Point per mile (run/walk/snowshoe) 
1 Point per 3 miles biked 
1 Point per 20 minutes of weight lifting, Pilates, yoga, stretching or abs 
1 Point per 15 minutes of another form of cardio (i.e. kick boxing, aerobics elliptical) 
1 Per day where you reach a minimum of 7 servings of fruits and veggies

and the benefits listed on the site are great:

A. We had an awesome time! The involvement from everyone and encouragement is amazing.
B. It kept folks from gaining holiday poundage
C. Some seriously good prizes…Sweaty Bands, Once Again Nut Butter, Lara bar, New Balance Shorts, Oiselle Running tank, CEP socks, green teas, yoga bag…to name a few…more details to come.

So, if you haven't signed up yet head over to Run to the Finish and check out all the details and get ready to start earning some points.  (Just click on the button above or on my sidebar.)  Points start tracking on the 20th, so don't procrastinate.  

P.S.  Today is last day to enter my giveaway...


Heather said...

This is just what I need. I am heading over.
Does coconut pie count as a fruit serving??

Janet said...

Sounds like a good idea. I'm gong to head over too. Thanks for the tip.

Joleane said...

How about doing the First Run 5 or 10K run New Year's Day? It's in Eugene. I did it one year and it's a nice, well organized event.
It's an Eclectic Edge Race.

Emz said...

YAY BOOTIE CHALL. I think I need to sign up for this!!

track coach and adorable wife said...

We joined, I am not anticipating winning but figured it could be fun. I am hoping to eat lots of goodies, it just isn't the holidays otherwise, so I will need to counteract it!

Veronica said...

Usually I walk daily at least 2 miles with my 6 months old baby (jogging stroller). I appreciate the holiday plan, it really improves our health.