Thursday, November 18, 2010


I don't know how teachers do it.  I'm pretty sure if I was locked in a classroom with 20 plus kindergartners ever day, I'd probably go insane.  

Today was the annual Harvest Luncheon at my kids' school, which means that the parents (who aren't lucky enough to  don't have work or other commitments) get to come to school to eat lunch with their child.  In my case, I get to drag bring my other two kids to have lunch with the kindergartners then stall long enough to also have lunch with the 2nd graders.  Let me tell you, this is fun stuff!  First of all, I learned why my kids are always starving when they get home from school.  Out of, seriously a million choices of things to eat, Calvin had a wheat roll, an apple and chocolate milk.  Okay, fair enough he can be a pretty picky eater but then a short while later we were joined by miss Emmeline who had exactly mimicked Calvin's choices except for adding a tiny dollop of mash potatoes to the mix.  No turkey or at least mac & cheese... how about the yummy blueberries or roasted potatoes?!  

Hey look, there's a runner in the background... good for her!
Although I'm sure the conversations were slightly more reserved with parents at earshot, I did learn something very interesting today.

"When you get really old, like 20, you start die.  It might take a really long time, like 10 or even 12 years, but that's when it starts to happen... when you get really old, like 20."  Which was of course met with a very serious nod by the little boy of whom the conversation was directed to.  I could just see the little wheels in his mind spinning around and could almost hear him spouting out, "yes, yes 20 is when it all starts to go downhill."

I'm sure I would've brought looks of pity and dismay had I disclosed to the duo that I'll be turning 31 in just a few days.  I better get working on that bucket list.

After lunch, we got to head out for recess where the kids, despite the freezing cold wind, ran from play structure to basketball game, to soccer, to hula hooping and back again with smiles from ear to ear as if they had never seen the light of day before.  Calvin settled on a nice game of kindergarten rules basketball, in which you get any type of playground ball and 8 or 9 boys.  Then whoever has the ball runs around with it while the others chase him and try to take it away.  Every so often he throws it in the direction of the hoop or someone yells, "I'm open, pass me the ball" then the ball is loose and the free for all starts all over again.  From what I could decipher, there aren't really any teams or rules for that matter and dribbling is discouraged.

Leona, Emme and I, after trying everything out twice, stationed ourselves at the tether ball court (one of my favorites in jr. high) where Leona thought it would be a lot more fun and efficient to just hang on the ball and swing around.  I have a feeling that might be against school rules, but luckily there was a lack of playground officiating so we were not sequestered to the "blue bench".

Needless to say, after just an hour of living the life of an elementary kid, I'm ready for a nap.


Stacey said...

I must be DEAD! (:
I hope you were able to get a nap!

Emz said...

love this post.

one of 847 reasons I am not a school teacher but I love and admire those who are!!

Julie said...

THAT'S Classic! Love it! What a cute story.

The Husband and I decided to surprise our 1st and 3rd graders at lunch earlier this year. The 1st grader started to cry she was so incredibly happy to see us and to have visitors. She slobbered all over us to show her love.

The 3rd grader (the boy) saw us sitting at his table and without saying a word or acknowledging us in any way, turned right back around and headed for a table we were NOT sitting at. hehe.

racing dawn said...

so funny! i've done the kindergarten lunch several times and it's true - you really do learn everything you need to know in kindergarten. :) if you asked them they probably thought you are 15 at the most! :) so fun.


I'll be sure to tell the hubby that he's got a year or two left.

And yes, Kindergarten teachers are the best. Something I could never do.

Amanda@runninghood said...

I love love this post! Makes me miss teaching Kids are sooo funny. They said the funniest things to me when I taught 3rd grade. One kid looked down at my feet one day when I was wearing sandals and shouted "Miss Odum!! I think you should know that your middle toe is longer than your big toe!! What is wrong??" Thanks for giving us a snapshot into your day.

P said...

What a fun post! I loved going to those luncheon things when my kids were little. By the time they hit 5th grade it seems like it's all business all the time.
And don't think I didn't notice your little comment in amongst the cute story - HAPPY (EARLY) BIRTHDAY!!

Heather said...

Good times.
Saige just brought her notice of her "FALL PARTY" home. I was thinking that staying at work may be more relaxing!!

Julie D. said...

too funny!! Wow, 20? I'm toast.

XLMIC said...

This is great! I love picking up snippets of elementary school wisdom!

Joleane said...

I got to spend the day with my 1st grader. It was lots of fun, but exhausting. One little girl told me her parents were old, "they are like 14 or 18 years old."
It's hilarious how they have no concept of time or age, among other things.

Dick said...

Wait until Jonny's in the 3rd or 4th grade, and you overhear him telling his friends that you and Dan are his grandparents because he's ashamed of how old you are. Tha's what your little brother (Doug) did when he was in the 4th grade. THAT's when you realize that there's not much time left, and you better start getting your will in order.