Friday, October 15, 2010

Run for Fun

Yesterday on my run, I happened by a school that was out at recess. As we (both kids, BOB & I) approached the fence that paralleled the sidewalk this kid just came booking towards us. When he got to where we were he got a huge smile on his face and took off matching our pace. I asked him if he was racing us to which his smile broadened and he slightly nodded, still concentrating on his run. Then he took off at full speed the length of the fence glancing sideways a few times to make sure we were still in pursuit. When the fence turned he turned with it and kept running. I yelled "Great job, you're too speedy for me!" and we were all on our way. Up until that point my run had been pretty lackluster but after "racing" the smiling kid, I couldn't help but smile myself. I remembered that I was out there running, not just to pass off another training day or reach some mileage goal but because it is something that I truly enjoy doing and I should take note from my kids (especially Calvin) and kids everywhere and smile a lot more while doing it.

So, whether you're racing or just "running for fun" this weekend, try and do it with a smile and see if it doesn't go just a little bit better for you. Happy Friday... Happy Running!


Heather said...

His thumbs up is just too darling!!

Angela said...

I'm going to be racing with a smile this weekend. One my children will be at home with their daddy and two I'll be at the beach. Now if that doesn't put a smile on your face, I'm not sure what does.

Have a great weekend Laurie.

Teamarcia said...

let's hear it for the FUN RUN!!! Love the super cute pics!