Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not So Wordless Wednesday

So, I sat down to type up a nice little post about the longish run I went on but got doing other things and ran out of my self-alloted computer time (if I don't set time limits I'll be on here all day, I'm that addicted). Then I realized that it is Wednesday and I can get by with just a few pictures instead.

I know I'm biased, but can you ever really get tired of seeing this smile?
I sure love this kid... when he isn't drooling on me and when its not the middle of the night and when he's not yelling at me and when he isn't pulling his sisters' hair... well, he sure has a cute smile anyway.
And a picture of my girls because, well, I think they're pretty cute too.

No pictures of Calvin, sorry, I don't think he's cute. Ha ha, just kidding... he must have been off fighting crime somewhere.


Emz said...

Those them.

Thanks for sharing these. Made me smile [of course!]

Heather said...

They are all adorable.
I am sure Calvin is too.
(I have that same problem with my oldest. I never seem to be able to get his picture.)

Runners Fuel said...

Such cute kids!

*~* *~* Tracy said...

Love that toothless grin! So cute!

They're very cute! :)

run4may said...

They are all so adorable.

P said...

LOL that Calvin's off fighting crime! I was looking at old pics of my kids yesterday and kept coming back to their toothless ones - it's irresistable!!

Julie said...

they are adorable!

racing dawn said...

Ooohh that smile! I could eat that little face! in a good way... :) Your kids are darling!

ajh said...

You do have cute kids. I came here from P's blog. I think I need to read the post before this one.