Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not MY Superhero

I don't like spiders.  I think that if I were in trouble and Spiderman came to rescue me, I'd say to him, "Thanks but no thanks, I'll take my chances."  I think it has something to do with the fact that spiders are all hairy and that they live in super sticky webs... yuck.  Plus, they're always in the worst possible places like right above you when you're showering and you don't notice them until you have your hair all lathered up and you know the minute you close your eyes they'll make their move.

When I was growing up, we lived in a house with a partially unfinished basement.  There was one room that we used mostly for storage, which we aptly named "the spider room".  That place was nothing but a ceiling full of spiderwebs and it freaked me out.  I don't know that I ever really had to go in there, but the thought of it, even today, makes me cringe.  Had I been a little bit older when we lived in that house, I'm sure I would have used it to my babysitting advantage and threatened to lock my younger brothers inside if they didn't bow down to the wishes of "Queen Laurie".  (Yes, I was that type of an older sister... needless to say I didn't have many babysitting jobs outside of the family.)

One of the things about running in the great outdoors is the opportunity to be around things that live in the great outdoors... like, say, oh, I don't know... spiders for example.  I hate, hate, hate running through spider webs.  It creeps me out.  Not only do I hate having the sticky web, stuck to my face I just know that somewhere there is a spider attached to it, which by default means attached to me.  For a while I tried to play a game where I would pretend that every spider web I ran through was a mini finish line but after crossing through finish lines every few feet my mind wasn't willing to accept that as a fun game.
Now that I'm running during the daylight hours (as opposed to early, early before the sun came up) I can actually see most of the webs and avoid them, which is a bonus.  At the same time, though, seeing the things I was previously running through makes me never want to run in the dark again.

Today on my run, I was cruising along, minding my own business when I came nose to nose with the biggest, hairiest, ugliest spider I've ever seen (well except for maybe this one).  It was seriously directly in front of me and I came within inches centimeters nanometers of having it, its big hairy legs and its super sticky web all over my face.  If it weren't for the best bob and weave move I've ever made (in just the nick of time, I might add) it would've been a direct hit.  I'm sure the people that happened to be passing me on their bikes at that exact moment thought I was some sort of deranged person, yelling "Holy Cow!" and dancing all over the path.  I wish I would've thought to take a picture of it but I was in the midst of a pretty decent tempo run and didn't want to stop (which actually means had I stopped there is no way I would've gotten up to speed again).  I did however, capture a picture of this lovely fellow who climbed up the stroller's rain cover at me a little while later:
(sorry it's a little blurry... using my phone & didn't want to get too close)
After I got done freaking out about how he could have gotten me (or the kids for that matter) I found a nice little stick and helped him on his way.  Man, I HATE spiders.

p.s. Don't google image "spiders", I might never sleep again!


P said...

LOL, I have *totally* been that girl on the trail screaming "AAAAAA" and jumping around to avoid whatever bug was in my way!! This is why I don't mind running on city streets. Glad you survived your encounter.

Emz said...

I'm impressed you "helped him on his way". I would have knocked the thing unconscious. Okay - I would have FLAT OUT killed him. Sorry - to all you "keep nature alive" people, I can't do it.

Heather said...

Ewwwwww. I wish you had told me that google tip..before I did it.
Spiders = yucky!

Glad your run went well though.

Angela said...

I'm with Emz, I would have killed the thing without a second thought. Spiders creep me out, even dead ones. Just the thought makes my skin crawl.

Glad you had a great run though.

runninglawyer said...

We are having the WORST year for spiders around our house this year! They really are huge and scary, and I am not normally thrown off by insects at all. I kid you not, one on the side of our house has a body (not including its legs) the size of a nickel!!! Good for you for avoiding spider disaster.

ajh said...

I think this has been the summer of the creepiest spiders ever!

Janet said...

I wouldn't have killed the spider either, but not because I'm tying to protect them, simply because I don't want to get that close or hear the crunch.

Runners Fuel said...

I hate spiders, too. If my hubby is sleeping and I see one, I'll wake him up to come over and kill it. HATE, HATE

chris mcpeake said...

Come on Spiders are awesome!!

track coach and adorable wife said...

I'm a spider killer! Hate them, ewww. Thanks for the mental image though!