Friday, September 3, 2010

Longest. Run. Ever.

It actually wasn't very long at all, only 4 miles easy, but it sure seemed like it. See, I have been soooo tired lately and decided last night that I wasn't going to get up early to run this morning. I told myself (and Dan because I always need to try it out aloud) that I would get my last easy run before my race in either tonight or tomorrow morning.... I needed the sleep (it sounded good). So, I slept in (until 6am... whoo hooo!). As the morning went on though, I could feel myself finding excuses that would keep me from running tonight or even tomorrow morning and I didn't want to go into a race after flaking out on a run. So, I decided to make it a family fun run day and loaded up the kids, their scooters and the double jogger into the car and headed to the track. "4 miles on a track?!?", you say. Yeah I said the same thing, sounds kind of boring but I figure if super cool people like her and her can run for miles and miles on end on a treadmill that goes no where I could probably manage 16 laps in a continuous oval.

In hopes that both Jonny and Leona would nap, I put them in the stroller and let Calvin and Emmeline have free reign of the track. They enjoyed their time scootering (no, its not a word, but it should be) for a few laps, trying out the long jump pit, climbing up and down the bleachers, yelling for me ("Hooray mommy, you're winning the race... they're going to put you on tv" - Calvin), asking how many more laps I had and finally, as illustrated in the picture below, dragging hurdles to various places in an attempt to block my path.

Jonny of course fell right asleep and enjoyed a nice little nap. Leona, on the other hand, fought it hard until lap 14 when she finally gave into the ovular tedium that was our run.

I'm glad we went but I don't think I'll plan any more easy runs around the track any time soon.


Lindsey said...

I tried to take the kids to the track once. I couldn't take the stroller on the track, but I thought the 2 (almost 3) and 4 year old could play for a bit in the middle of the track with their balls and toys for at least a little bit, right? Nope.
You're awesome for doing the whole 4 miles. I think I'd have stopped after 4 minutes.

runninglawyer said...

Good for you!! You could have caved to your excuses, but instead you set your foot down and got it done!!! Something to be proud of for sure.

track coach and adorable wife said...

I CAN NOT run on a track. I don't know why. After one lap I am dead. It bores me way more than treadmills. You are a rockstar for doing, and with kids no less. Mine beg to leave the track as soon as we get there or want me to "watch me do this" the whole time!

Heather said...

"Scootering" works for me.
I can imagine how that would seem like a long run.
I have taken the kids to the track just enough to never want to do it again.


I hate the track. I will avoid it at all costs. I do appreciate the fact that my treadmill touture, I mean, treadmill love motivated you to get out there! Have a great weekend.

Lesley @ said...

I don't think I've run on a track at all since high school gym class. The thought of it is so unappealing. I'd take miles and miles on the treadmill anyday. I hate when your "easy" run turns into a "dreaded" run. At least you got out there and got the miles in!