Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm a Believer

Right after my race last weekend, I had the opportunity to do a little bit of yoga... as in, after sitting down, when I stood up I started to cramp from my toes up to my hips and I hobbled to the yoga station where the uber talented yogi helped me to stretch out a bit. It felt great! I've never been very good about stretching, especially post run. It seems that lots of time, I give myself just enough time to run and shower before I have something else I need to do, but more than that I've just never been a good stretcher. The lady at the yoga station promised me that if I added some yoga into my weekly routine it would only improve my running. Yes please, sign me up.

I didn't sign up though. I did contemplate dropping in on a couple of yoga sessions but do to time and cost restraints decided not to. Then I remembered that a nice & talented lady at my church leads a free yoga class every Saturday morning. Score! Free yoga, led by a real instructor, can't beat that! I've never gone before because Saturdays are dedicated to my long run but since I'm between training plans at the moment it seemed like a good time to check it out. So, at 8:00, I decided I'd go to yoga at 8:30. No problem... nursed the littlest really fast, finished off breakfast for the other 3, slipped into some yoga worthy clothes, brushed my teeth and rushed out the door. (Thanks Dan, next time I'll give you more of a heads up.)

It was great. First off, there were only 2 other ladies there besides me (I like small crowds). One of them was another runner from my church, who I believe is pretty speedy, so if it works for her maybe it will work for me. Secondly, I had no kids with me! I've tried to do yoga at home but "downward dog" usually turns into "Look! Mommy is a bridge, lets climb up and over and under and around her." Lastly, but definitely not leastly (yeah that isn't a word but I'm using it anyway, because I feel like it) it felt so good to stretch. I think my quads were still pretty tight from my half-marathon and stretching them out as well as I was forced, I mean able to do felt great. Admittedly, I have some sore muscles today( muscles that I might not have even realized I had) but overall I already feel faster and stronger... ha ha. Okay, so it wasn't that miraculous, but my running and I will definitely benefit from the organized stretching and balance building that doing yoga regularly will give me. So, I'm definitely a yoga believer and will be working it into my weekly schedule.

Speaking of schedules, I'm about ready to sit down and plan out a training and racing schedule for the next little bit. After taking most of this last week off, I've determined that the only way I'm going to stay sane is if I do some organized running.

How 'bout you, are you yoga aficionados? Do you have your fall season all planned out?


AshleyR said...

I love yoga! Sadly I have a pull on my inner thigh that has put yoga on the back burner until that is better. I can't wait to get back to it. Since I've been taking classes long enough I'm going to start doing it at home once my pull is healed to save money. I'd love to have the opportunity to really learn yoga to the point that I could teach it. I think it would be a great part time job once my kiddo is school age.

k2323 said...

I do the Yoga DVD from my husband's P90X workouts and love it. I've become a convert and do it weekly now.
I agree, though, if you do it at home you need a quiet house without kids around. Good for you to sneak away on a Saturday morning.

Runners Fuel said...

I love yoga. I have that class tonight!

Catey said...

My first yoga experience was through this most recent pregnancy...I loved it! It would definitely be easier without the kids though. :) I found a kids yoga too and my kids love it!

Zaneta said...

i was thinking about getting a yoga dvd... a lot of runners have talked about yoga so of course i have to try it out being a new"er" runner ;)

Heather said...

I am not a die hard yoga person. I have enjoyed it the handful of times I did it.
I really need to work this in.

Julie said...

I've been wanting to try YOGA for so long. I too have tried a video or two at home and end up becoming a real-life jungle gym. Going to have to go check it out for real.