Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hooray for Glass in the Road!

20 Fool Proof steps to negative splitting your next training run:

1.  Eat a stellar breakfast of leftover chocolaty chunk cookies

2.  Piddle paddle around the house all morning putting off the things you need to do

3.  Finally get ready

4.  Realize you have exactly an hour to get the kids into the stroller and get your 7 mile run in before kindergarten pickup

5.  Load the kids into the stroller and head down the street

6.  Take off a little too quickly

7.  Realize you ran a tempo run yesterday and have your long run scheduled for tomorrow

8.  Change to a more "recovery friendly" pace

9.  Run into (no not literally) a friend out walking and chat her up for a bit

10.  Continue on to the turn around

11.  At exactly half way (so that there is no possible away to cut the run short) notice one of the stroller tires has gone completely flat

12.  Say something that you're glad your two year old was sleeping and didn't hear

13.  Be glad you still have the tire pump you stole from your dad in the lowboy (I'll return it soon dad I promise... it's a good one though)

14.  Quickly pump up the tire and hope that it will hold for a bit

15.  Take off at a much faster pace

16.  Less than 5 minutes later, stop to pump again

17.  Pick up the pace

18.  Are you kidding me?!?  More expletives, more tire pumping, faster pace..

19.  Repeat steps 16 -18 again

20.  Finally arrive at school with 2 minutes to spare, pump up tire again while waiting for kindergartner

How was your run today?


Emz said...

this is awesome. I mean I'm sorry it sucked but happy you wrote it down to share.

I think you are a rockstar for doing it ----- what'd you do with those extra 2 minutes?! ;)

Momma K and her Krew said...

Great story! Hubby is out of town so 10 miles on the dreadmil watching Dexter. The worst run is one I cant take so it wasnt THAT bad. Plus I got to run with zit cream on. However I miss being outside. One more day and two more Dexter Episodes and the other half will be back. Counting the seconds man, counting the seconds.

Krista said...

4 mile run on Bayshore. New stroller thank the heavens so good run today.

I loved your story. Sorry it was not a fun run but good for you for getting it done.

Lindsey said...

I've totally done the "run-before-the-kids-get-off-the-bus-so-I-MUST-hurry!" run before, but I think I'd have lost my mind if the tire went flat. You're awesome.

Teamarcia said...

Oye! That was quite a run! My run, although the pace stunk, was actually fantabulous because my achilles did not make a single peep! :D

Lesley @ said...

LOL!!! This should make your long run tomorrow seem like a breeze.

P said...

You are such a Super Woman, seriously!
#12 was my favorite. :-)

Amy said...

Great, I was entertained by the post. I learn more things on it. Thanks!!!


Heather said...

On no!
You are such a trooper. I would have called my mommy to come get me!!

I hope your run goes better tomorrow.

Dick said...

#13....I've been looking for my pump for WEEKS!!! Just kidding. I forgot I loaned it to you. Go ahead and keep the pump. I have two, and I'd just as soon know that my grandkids will make it home safely, even if you have to stop every 1/4 mile to refill a flat tire. Hope it wasn't the one I fixed a month or so ago!