Saturday, September 4, 2010

Go Ducks!

Its that time of year, time for college football! Here, in our house, we are huge Oregon Duck fans and we do what we can to go all out for the games. Here's a little look at what I mean.

We have a special "football breakfast", which usually consists of green and yellow pancakes.
Then we get all dudded up in our best green and yellow (or pink in Emme's case) gear:

When we're super lucky, Dan and I get to go to the games, but if not we enjoy watching them in the comfort of our own home with all the great fixings of an in-house tailgater. If you don't have a college football team to watch, feel free to watch and cheer on our ducks... they usually have the makings for an exciting show.

p.s. I've got a little bitty race (either that or the longest one I've ever run) tomorrow that I'm just a tad bit (or extremely) nervous for. I'm glad to have these football distractions (and a whole house full of laundry to do) to keep my mind off it. I am looking forward to packet pickup this afternoon (after the game of course) where I've been promised a super fantastic schwag bag as well as the opportunity to meet SBS of Run Like a Mother (and a whole slew of other things) fame. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


me/mom/NANA said...

I have the game on here and I am recording it for Papa. GO DUCKS... As for the race tomorrow. We are cheering for you. We know you will do great so just relax and enjoy the time spent outdoors. Love your outfits. We need a new BIG "O" for our rig. The little one is just not enough.

P said...

I love those pancakes - you are a true fan!!
Have a super fantastic and absolutely wonderful race tomorrow - I'll be thinking about you and (virtually, at least) cheering for you at the finish line. GO, Laurie, GO!!

Christa said...

From a mom of 4 to another mom of 4 you will do great tomorrow. Enjoy the day!!!! Love the pancakes- even though I am from MI , so the Oregon Ducks aren't on TV here much.
Best of luck!!!

AshleyR said...

Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to hear the report.

We have our Go Blue flag out front for the first time in this house. And the whole family wore their U of M shirts today except the dogs, it was too warm for them to get their game day shirts and sweaters on. Love the pancake idea maybe next weekend we'll do blue and yellow.

Rae said...

Love your socks!

Good luck tomorrow! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

N.D. said...

that looks like so much fun and your kids are adorable!

Lesley @ said...

How cute are those socks! Good luck on your race.

Heather said...

Ya'll all look so cute. It almost makes me sad I don't follow football. I am particularly digging the pancakes!!
(I did attend the first high school game in our town tonight. Go Tigers!)
Good look tomorrow!!

track coach and adorable wife said...

Your socks are awesome! It would be so much fun to be die hard college fans. Those pro athletes can really let you down. And when your husband is a Seahawks fan, every Sunday feels like a funeral!

scarlet said...

Nice socks! those pancakes look yummy,very colorful! :)

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