Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Not So Much Anymore (aka a lot of whining)

Ever since the birth of my 4th child, I've bragged to anyone who will listen about how great a baby he is. He's always happy, never cries, smiles and laughs at everything and has been sleeping for close to 12 hours at night since he was about a month old. I figured that he was merely my reward for making it through the first year of his older sister's life who has been (and really still is, despite her cuteness) the most trying individual alive.

Here she is trying to convince me that Steppy (the single jogger) really could double as a double.
Here he is, in all his cuteness being an absolutely sweet little boy...

Well, not so much anymore. I don't know if he's figured it out from watching his older siblings, but my sweet little Jonny, is not so sweet anymore. First and foremost, he has quit sleeping through the night. I realize he's probably just going through some sort of growth spurt that requires him to wake up every 2 hours between midnight and 6am but still it's a mean trick to play on me. I was totally expecting to not get any sleep the first couple months of his life, but now 5 months in, after totally being accustomed to sleeping soundly it's just not fair (can you hear the whining pouring out your screen?).

Also, he's discovered that the squeaky wheel gets the grease (I know that Leona taught him this one). What used to be a super mellow, smile all the time, content to watch the world going on around him little boy has now turned into a somewhat cranky, fairly grumpy (crumpy if you will, i.e. cranky + grumpy = crumpy), pterodactyl squealing little munchkin.

It used to be that if I fed him sometime around 5am or so, he'd go back to sleep allowing me to go on a much needed run sans stroller & children. Again, not so much anymore. Now, he's decided that 5am is a great time to be up and since he and I are awake and no one else is, running we go. I wish someone would please explain to this fairly crumpy child of mine that if I'm going to get up before the sun to get my run in I'm doing it specifically so I don't have to take any kids with me...


Tara said...

Oh man, I hope he is just going through a stage (teething?) for your sake.

Running is hard enough, but add that to lack of sleep and...whew, I give kudos to you moms with small kids.

Hang in there. Someday all of this will be just a distant memory. My kiddo is 15 this year and I sometimes long for the days of when it was just me and her on a run in the early morning hours. Try and enjoy it! (OMG, I sounds so flipping old!) :)

workout mommy said...

lol! I have one of those squealing pterodactyls too!

Someday we will sleep again, right? (sigh)