Thursday, August 12, 2010

All by myself...

...Don't wanna be all by myself, anymore.

Unless I'm pushing my kids, I do all, as in every. single. one. of my runs alone. Mostly this is because my running schedule is somewhat erratic and I've never taken the initiative to talk to any of my running friends and see if they'd like to hook up for run here and there. It also has to do with the fact that a majority of my runs are with at least a single jogger, if not the double and if you read my last post, you may remember that running around with a double takes up a fair amount of space (wide load, coming through... jog your memory at all?) and if I was running in a group I would feel even larger. The other reasons I run alone are as follows:

1. I'm selfish and somewhat inconsistent. I like to kind of pick my routes and my pace as I go.
2. I like to get lost in my thoughts. It's kind of my meditation time... (with 4 kids, it's about the only peace and quiet I get)
3. I like to take bathroom breaks, lots of them. I got into this habit while running through my pregnancies and now every time I pass a restroom I feel the need to use it (kind of like Pavlov's Dog). Actually, I don't like to take breaks and I've been working on skipping the "rest stops", sort of rewiring my brain to realize I don't have to pee at every park and port-a-potty I encounter. (It's going well, maybe I can write up my research/progress and become famous like Pavlov.)
4. I run with my kids, a lot, and they don't always sleep, I'd hate to subject my running partner(s) to the things I have to deal with at times... i.e. taking a break in the middle of a long run to nurse a mad baby who's tired of sitting (yes I've done that, its not fun... nursing while wearing two super tight sports bras and a built in bra tank, all while trying to seem inconspicuous and entertain the 2 year old still strapped in the stroller... not an easy feat, but it can be done.)

However, running with friends does have its upsides. For example, yesterday morning I had a tempo run that I opted to do around a mile long bark trail we have here. With a mile and a half to go I ran into (no, not literally you sillies) my uncle who tagged along with me chatting the whole time. Since the run was getting to be a bit tedious and mundane his distraction was quite welcome. Also, during Dan's second year of law school, I had the opportunity to go on a couple group runs with some of Dan's fellow students/peers/acquaintances (not really friends as they weren't really his cup of tea... he isn't really into runners... ha ha) and it was a good to have some adult conversations. (If you're super bored or have lots of time to waste, you can read about it HERE, and HERE and HERE.)

Anyway, the point of this (somewhat rambling, turning into a super long) post is that it might be nice to every so often have someone to head out for a run with. Anyone up for 12 on Saturday? It will be my longest run to date, I should make for good company, although I can't promise that I won't have to stop at a couple bathrooms, oh and I'd probably like to go around 5am or so and I may or may not have a grumpy child (or two) tagging along... :P


Marci said...

I think the trouble is that you're too fast to keep up with. I hear you though. I kind of consider running my me time, Although, it is fun to have a buddy for the long ones. I'd go with you on Saturday except I'll be out of town (and the fact that I'd be stopping at every bathroom along the way just to get a break from trying to keep up with your pace.)

racing dawn said...

Wish I could join ya, location and all... I run alone for most of the same reasons tho too. Love the alone time and I like to pick my own pace, stop and drink when I want, stop and walk if I want, slow down, speed up, etc. All selfish reasons, but that's why they call it 'Me Time'... :) Hope you find someone fun to run with and have a great time!

Angela said...

Laurie, if you lived closer and I had 12 on tap, then I'd definitely join you.

I run every single one of my runs alone. None of my friends run and the running club that is offered in this area wants you to pay money to run with them. That's not something I'm looking to do.

P said...

I'll run with you!! Are you coming to Cali or should I pop up there?? :P
So funny you would post this today as it's a topic on my mind, too. I'm so jealous of all the bloggers who talk about their running groups or running buddies. I do every one of my runs alone and would love to (at least occasionally) have someone to run with.

Amber said...

I would run with you but I'm in Missouri. I could bring my double jogger, too...then we could REALLY take up some space. :o)

Stephanie said...

I am the sporatic type as well. I like to just go when I can go and not worry about meeting up at a certain time. I think that is the way to go since kids are so unpredictable, too.

Tortuga_Runner said...

I love that this is your life! LOL wish I was around to run with ya, want to visit Cali any time soon? I just recently stopped nursing and have had a very similar nursing mid run experience and like my museum/park run for the bathroom stop opportunities. I also have no one to run with and am inconsistent with when I run and my pace. I am hoping to start running with a friend 1 day week, alternating her place/my place and we will be running at 5:00 am...hopefully it sticks.