Sunday, July 18, 2010


My 10 miler yesterday, in the heat, with the double jogger, at elevation, although probably not my best idea turned out to be a pretty decent run. Although in hindsight I should've donned some sunblock, my shoulders and back would've been much more appreciative. (Yes, I know, "you should always wear sunblock on every run." I'm really bad about sunblock.) Anyway, in order to distract myself from the distance, I brought along my camera for a video log of my travels. (Lucky you!)

Hanging out in Klamath Falls, I got to run on the OC&E trail, which back in the day, used to be a railway:
and apparently is actually a state park, hmm guess that's pretty cool.
According to the state park website it is Oregon's longest "linear park". Nothing quite as exciting as a park that goes entirely in a straight line... At about 2 miles into my run, this is what is ahead of me...
and here is what I have behind me:
Also, to the side of most of the trail is this lovely body of water. Nothing like a pristine blue canal to cool off in when the 80 degree heat is getting you down... yeah right!
There is a pretty decent view of Mt. Shasta off to one side
and Mt. McLoughlin barely peaks up in the distance.
I was also blessed to have my very own cheering section at mile 3. (I'm pretty sure Mooooo translates into "Great job Laurie, you're looking super strong!)
Although this guys "snort" came across more as a "What the hell are you taking a picture of, get along on your way, girlie." Maybe he isn't a very big fan or touristic runners.
Here is a sign I came across just pass the cows:
Sure enough, here is that rough surface. (Gripping photos, I know.)
Finally, almost to the turn around... more of that linear park to traverse.
Here are my running buddies. They slept from mile 1 until mile 9... very nice naps.
Also on this run, thanks to Tall Mom, I got the opportunity to try out GU for the very first time.
I opted to give the lemon-lime flavor a try as I'm usually alright with citrus flavored things.
I did not attempt to take it while running. I figured being a GU virgin it would be acceptable to test it out while standing still. It really wasn't too bad. The texture was acceptable and I didn't have too much trouble with it. Quite a bit like pudding, which is what I've hear from most reviewers. I was concerned it would make my stomach do flips but I didn't have any problems.
Once I was refueled, it was back the way I came... across the exciting linear park.
I think the GU helped, I was feeling pretty good. I must have not looked all that great though, because at mile 6.5 I noticed the buzzards circling.
The brief change of terrain was welcomed, but still the straightness of this path was a bit daunting.
At 7.5 miles, I would've loved to frolic through the sprinklers, unfortunately, they were across that lovely canal that I pictured earlier.
There was a slight elevation increase between miles 8 & 9 that felt much more like scaling Mt. Everest than it should have. This picture really doesn't do it justice, I swear it goes up and up and up...
I don't know why but I love this barn. I think it is so traditional and great. If for some reason my husband decides to throw away all the time he has spent in law school and studying for the bar to become a farmer in rural southern Oregon, I want to live on a farm with a barn like this one... (maybe the heat WAS getting to me.)
Anyway, I did manage to survive the heated 10 mile run. Due to a flat tire, I didn't leave until almost 10am, which is waaaay too late to be running mid-July, but I survived. I'm glad I had the stroller because my kids got the best naps they've had since being away from home and I was also able to tote a lot of water... which I drank all of. Overall though, it was a good run. Here are the stats:

10.23 miles (I went a little past the 5 mile turn around in order to consume my GU in the shade).
1hour 28minutes 23seconds
8:39 average pace

This run put me at my longest weekly mileage ever, at just over 32 miles! Wooo Hooo!!

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P said...

OMG, what a funny post! I love all the pics you took. And yes, I absolutely agree that "Mooo" means you're looking good! :-) Glad you survived the heat.

LindseyB Knits said...

I can't believe you do 10+ miles with a jogging stroller. I've got a 2.5 year old and a 4.5 year old, and I only take them out in the stroller if I absolutely have to. You're my hero!

Dick said...

I recognized all of the beautiful scenery...including the rough road. I'm not sure how it got there. Maybe someone with a backhoe was hoping to trap an unwary (or weary) runner?

Glad the cows kept you motivated. They ignore me...probably because I'm running a LOT slower!

racing dawn said...

Love the pics through the run! I'm gonna try that too! And I'm glad the kiddos slept most of the run too. I always have anxiety when I bring my toddler on a run and he usually sleeps also during a run. U should try one of the chocolate gu's sometime. Have water with you tho - it's like eating brownie batter... mmmmm.

Janet said...

You are a fantastic writer. My coworkers enjoyed it as much as I did.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I always take half a Gu with a swish of water, then do the second half. Glad you think it helped!!