Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh the joys of running with kids...

While "vacationing" here in (some might call it being exiled to) Klamath Falls, I have come to remember how much "fun" it can be to do all of my running with a jogging stroller & the kids that come as part of that package. Here's just a brief glimpse into some things you might miss out on if you've never run with (and by that I of course mean push behind, like some poor backwards sled dog) kids:

1. Snacks, or, heaven forbid, the lack there of. Today, just a quick 5 miler, done in less than 45 minutes, right after breakfast, I don't need to bring snacks. Ha ha, yeah right. Less than a mile in, "snacks please Mommy". "Sorry sweetie, I didn't bring any snacks." "Aw Mommy, snacks PLEASE!!" Then, at about 2 minute intervals the conversation would repeat itself until the 2 year old's politeness turned into more of a "Snacks NOW!" demand and my reply sounded much less like a "sorry sweetie" and more like a "Leona, I don't have any snacks, sit back and take a nap!"

2. Okay, snacks out of the way or at least temporarily forgotten about... "Drink please, Mommy." "Seriously?!" "Yes, Mommy, drink please."
What kind of mom am I, no snacks and no drink?!? Now here is the dilemma... I did have water for myself, but I really hate to share. I get more than enough germs as it is without having to directly share saliva and who knows what else directly. Maybe if I ignore her, she will forget she wants a drink. "Puuleeeease Mommy, drink pleeeease!" Ugh! My OB/Gyn, who is the greatest doctor ever, told me that he has a pediatrician friend that refers to kids between the ages of about 12months and 4 years as "hyper little balls of germs and bacteria constantly covered in snot and fecal matter"... mmmm, yummy image no?

3. Speaking of fecal matter... "I'm poopy, Mommy." "What did you say?" "I'm pooooopy, Mommy!" Okay, great, I did hear her correctly. "You're poopy?" "Yes Mommy, I'm poopy." Luckily I do ALWAYS take diapers and the like on runs. Turns out she wasn't... just bored and seeing how many different ways she could get me to stop.

4. Speaking of stopping, I did, waaaaaay too many times. Three times to retrieve books that had "accidentally" dropped and once to chase a wayward blanket (guess the littlest one wanted in on the action too).

5. Speaking of my darling, angel, little boy... he cried almost the entire last mile. That kid, seriously never cries... he must have wanted a snack too.

Now I remember why it is I tend to run faster when pushing a stroller, not to mention negative split most of my runs...

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Tracy said...

My little guy always needs to stop and pee when I take him. And he's shy about it so I have to find someplace where passersby can't see him.

Way to stick with it though and not give up. Great job!

Teamarcia said...

Oh geez you bring back memories!

P said...

Oh, that description of young kids in item #2 is totally funny (and sadly true)! Sometimes I wish I had taken up running years ago when my kids were little, but posts like this make me thankful to leave them at home with their iPods and one-word answers to my questions.