Saturday, July 3, 2010

Getting Excited

It's still over 2 months until the Eugene Women's Half Marathon, but I'm starting to get really excited about it. Yesterday I got an email letting me know that registration has opened for the Eugene Marathon (which I was tempted to sign up for, but I better wait just a bit) and it was also giving a push for the half this fall. Here are its selling points: Are you kidding me?! Maybe this isn't the best race to "race". It sounds like it would be a lot more fun to kind of cruise along while eating hot fudges sundaes and chatting up the firemen. :P I'm trying to figure out how I can practice fueling with a smoothie... And, if for some reason, race day doesn't meet my expectations, I can always drown my sorrows with chocolate, champagne and spirited strawberry lemonade at the end (too bad I don't drink, maybe I'll feel the need to start...).

Preparation is going well. I just finished my first double digit long run of this training session. I got up at 4am to do it but got to rock these awesome socks that Courtney at Run, Courtney Run hooked me up with for winning her virtual 5K a while back. They are part of a 3 sock set from Little Miss Matched and I absolutely love them. (Thanks Courtney!!)
(You'd be surprised how hard it is to take a picture of socks while you're wearing them.)

I felt pretty good (who wouldn't with such bitchin' socks) and managed to maintain an 8:49 pace. I'm supposed to be running around 9:30ish but I decided not to pay any attention to my watch and just run comfortably. Overall, it really felt great and was a huge confidence booster. I'm excited to continue on with my training and see how things go.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. I'm looking forward to just chillin' and hanging out with my family... should be a great time.



That race sounds fantastic!

And those socks. I love them. Definitely need to look into getting a pair!

Dick said...

Great job on your training run!

Your socks look pretty good...are you gonna where your "Purple People Eaters" with them? If for some reason you decide you don't want them, you could probably sell them to the highest bidder on Boise's swim team. I guess the bag of socks you gave us were pretty popular with the girls on the team.

See you tomorrow (I think).

ErinandShane said...

I'll keep my eyes open for some FLASHY vegas socks for you...perhaps you could even run at night if I find some with lights.

Tortuga_Runner said...

I'm seriously considering registering, sundaes on course is a huge selling point and it's only an 8 hr drive!

Stephanie said...

Seriously! I was looking at "sundaes and smoothies", thinking that it couldn't possibly be DURING the race. Wow. Sounds like a blast though. :)