Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Two for Tuesday

Originally I was going to start a new tradition where on Tuesdays, I give you two random tidbits of information, hence 'Two for Tuesday'. I think in the future I will do this, as it wouldn't hurt my blog do have a bit more structure. However, today Two for Tuesday has an entirely different meaning. Today, I ran twice so you get to hear about two Tuesday runs for the price of one. Lucky you! :P

Run number one happened this morning before the sun officially came up. I had planned to wake the littlest one up around 5 and get him fed and back to bed so that I could get 6 or so miles in before I needed to be back to get Emme ready and off to school but when 5 rolled around I decided maybe I would run at lunch time and take advantage of my last opportunity to run while I still had 2 kids in school. (Wow, that was a long, semi-run-on sentence! Oh well.) However, he woke up on his own a little before 5:30 and I had him fed and back to bed by 6 and no one else was up yet so I decided to head out after all. I thought I'd keep it to a 4 miler (since I didn't have time for 6) but I was feeling good and stretched it out to a little over 5.

Run number two happened a little after lunch time. I had to get groceries and go to the post office today but thanks to my poor store choice (ugh, I hate, hate, hate Walmart, why did I go there?) we didn't make it to the post office before I had to have Calvin at school. I could've stopped by after dropping Calvin off, but Leona was sleepy and still needed lunch and Jonny was ready to eat too so we just went home. For some reason, running to the post office is one of my favorite runs. I think it's because I feel good about getting running done while accomplishing another task and it's a nice little 4.5 mile out and back. Plus it is so much easier to manage my children inside the post office when they are strapped into the stroller (and quite possibly asleep) rather than running free :P. So, after trying to decide if two runs in one day would be too much I got the kids fed, changed back into my running clothes and we were off... until I remembered that I forgot the package I needed to mail (oops, small backtrack) then we were off again. Leona and Jonny were asleep before we hit the 1 mile mark and stayed that way until we got back home (which made the post office a surprisingly pleasant experience... that and the fact that I used the automated postage teller and didn't have to wait in line or speak to anyone).

Since the kids were still asleep when we reached the house, I did a little loop around the neighborhood to extend the run to a little over 5 miles, giving me almost 10 1/2 miles on the day! I realize it was broken up into two runs, but this is by far my longest daily mileage in quite a while. I'm pretty tired this afternoon (of course I am most afternoons... 4 kids will do that to a person) but otherwise am feeling quite well.

Today was Calvin's last day of preschool so my opportunities to take off for a run in the middle of the day, just because I feel like it, have all but disappeared so I'm glad I took advantage of it.


Janet said...

Sounds like you had quite the day. I hope you enjoy summer with the kids and still get a chance to run.

k2323 said...

Way to get it done! I think 10.5 miles midweek not matter how it gets done is awesome.

Nicole Orriƫns said...

I sometimes feel the urge to run a second time too, even though I've already gotten my run for the day in.

Good for you: running while the running is good.


Callie. said...

you are awesome, Laurie. I hope I can start to enjoy running again soon after this one is born! You are my running inspiration! :)