Thursday, June 10, 2010

Too Competitive?

I've started to think lately that maybe I'm just a bit too competitive. Here's how my thought process went down:

My mom sent me a text yesterday wondering if I (or more accurately, my kids) had any name suggestions for the fish her co-workers got her for her birthday. I replied with such classics as Hairy & Smelly, which for some reason she wasn't to keen on... wonder why? I threw out a couple other "more serious" names to which she replied she'd "let me know as she had hit up my siblings for ideas too". What?! She wasn't asking just me? Well, this put a new twist into my fish naming search, I absolutely HAD to have the best name, she HAD to pick my name, I wouldn't want her to go with one of my brothers' picks or even worse, my sister's! So I stopped everything I was doing and dug out the baby name book and began scouring it for the best possible fish name, I even went as far as googling "best fish names". (Did you know there is a whole sight dedicated to just that? It's actually called "World's Best Fish Names"... crazy!) Seriously, what is wrong with me? Does it really matter what she names her fish or where she gets the name? Apparently to me it does.

So, I started thinking about all the other silly competitions that I make up for myself. Here's another good one. I had 3 friends all having babies around the same time I had Jonny and in my mind I would compete with them for everything. For example, if I couldn't have the smallest baby belly, then I wanted the biggest. Of course when it came time for delivery, I made up a huge "race" to see who could have their baby first. Here's a quote from a post back in February:
It's really silly, but there are 3 other girls I know that are all due within a week of me. (1 before and 2 after.) I guess it's my super, above the top, outrageously competitive attitude but I don't want them to have their babies before me. It's like I've turned it into some twisted race in my mind where I have to beat them. To what? Delivery? Pretty silly I know, but that's me. So, Marci, Trista and Heather, best of luck to you each, may the fastest? mom win. (See, at least I can be a good sport.)
Even after two of the girls had their babies, I continued to find competition and made up a "Race for Bronze". (That, unfortunately, was a race I lost... I was last by several days... silly stubborn kid of mine!)

Anyway, I'm even so bad that not too long ago Calvin was boxing on the Wii and talking about how he was the best and no one could possibly beat him, "not even Daddy, especially not Mommy". Is it bad, that I again dropped everything I was doing, to immediately put him (my 4 year old) in his place by knocking him (his Wii character of course) out several seconds into the first round?! I know, kind of harsh... but I guess that's how I roll.

Today, as I was going for a nice "easy" 4 miler there was a lady running down the sidewalk, across the street, going at a slightly faster pace then I was. Without even thinking, I immediately picked up my pace in order to get to the traffic signal before her. Seriously?!... competing against a complete stranger in the wee hours of the morning on an "easy" training run? I think I have a problem.

I"m sure that when it comes to racing (in actual races), my extreme competitiveness can be helpful but in my day-to-day life, I think I might take it a bit too far. Do you ever find yourself competing in things where there is really no competition? Let me know, I'm anxious to see if I'm more competitive! :P

P.S. If you want to throw out any good fish names that might help me beat my siblings, I'd be greatly obliged. :)


P said...

Well, I won't compete with you in the "Who's More Competitive?" competition, but I am SO happy to hear another mom admit to giving her kid a Wii smack-down! There is no game too easy, no matter too trivial that I can't turn it into a competition. And then I wonder why my kids are so competitive with each other... :P
Sorry I don't have any inspired fish names for you , but I do hope you "win."

Angela said...

Well I'm not that competitive in my day-to-day routine. I'm not really that competitive when I'm out running just to run, but I will show someone in their place, especially my nephew who thinks he can beat me at running, their place, if need be. I'm also real competitive when it comes to Wii bowling. No other sport on the Wii, just bowling.

No fish names for ya. I think we named ours Emma.

AshleyR said...

OMG, you just described, not just me, but my whole family! Everything is a competition. We turn jigsaw puzzles into competitions. I've totally done the, "I bet I can catch that girl in less than a lap," at the track before. Hubby loves that story, rolls his eyes so hard when he tells it that he strains his eye roll muscles. She had on those annoying sofie shorts with the words on the butt, she deserved the smack down that she was not aware she was getting.

Madison M. said...

hahah that is too hilarious! I find myself competing against strangers too on just a day to day run.. If I'm running by myself and I see someone ahead of me I'll speed up without even thinking and pass them.. Maybe its just the athletes in us!? lol

Dick said...

Forget about your siblings...NOW you're in competition with ME!!! I just called your mom to give her MY sugggestion, and because she's NOT competitive and is afraid of picking one of the lame names you and your brothers and sister gave her and offending someone, she probably won't name the stupid fish.

As far as being competitive, I'm proud of you! I don't remember ever letting any of you guys win, and I think all of you have turned out pretty well. Stay that way!!!

Teamarcia said...

I think we had the most unoriginal fish name of all: Fishy.

Sadly Fishy met his demise and was replaced with Atomic Fireball.

Tortuga_Runner said...

Hirlarious, you are my husband. My favorite? When the check comes at the end of a meal he dramatical slams his hand over the check or portfolio thing they bring it in and says, "Guess". Closes to the cent wins. There is no prize other than knowing you dominated.

As for fish names, try something straight forward and lame like Fin. If you want a real person's name, Hank is always a winner.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

so funny! i am not competitive for the most part, but I do know when I give an opinion it's the best one ever

Nicole Orriƫns said...

I'm usually not all that competitive, however, playing board games brings out the worst in me.

I once played Risk with my son, and I cheered when I killed him and all his troups and even did a little dance...