Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday Summary (the Monday Edition)

First off, happy Summer Solstice Day! I'm a big fan of summer... I love the longer days, the warmer weather, swimming, the beach, fruit, BBQs, homemade ice cream and so much more... so hooray for summer!

Secondly, since I'm usually a day late and a dollar short, here's a look at last week in numbers:

Planned Actual
M - 4mi @ 9:31 4.01mi @9:04
T - 4 mi @ 9:31 4.11mi @9:24
W - 5 mi, w/3 mi @8:00 5.12mi, 1-8:03, 2-8:06, 3-7:54
R - 4 mi @ 9:31 4.08mi @9:10
F - rest/cross train rested/ran around on the beach a bit
S - 9 mi @ 9:31 9.25mi @8:53
Su - rest little bit of swimming
total miles logged: 26.6
total time spent running: 3hours 58minutes 37seconds
average pace: 8:58
jelly bellys consumed: many more than my share, but what are vacations for?

On the schedule for this coming week:
M - 5mi @ 9:31
T - 5mi @ 9:31
W - 5mi, w/2 x 1600 @ 7:33 & 800 jogs
R - 4mi @ 9:31
F - rest/cross train
S - 9mi @ 9:31
Su - rest

Finally, still having a lot of fun on vacation. So far we've built some sandpits (much more fun to dig holes then build castles), hung out at the swimming pool and visited Hatfield Marine Science Center (which Calvin was dismayed to learn was an extension of Oregon State University, "Yuck, Beavers... we're Duck Fans!") Today we're going to head to Lincoln City to hit up the Outlet Mall and fly kites, the kids used their yard sale money to buy some pretty cool ones, should be a great time...


Dick said...

Wow!!! I don't remember any days like that when we lived there!! Enjoy your runs...wish I didn't have to work so I could be there with you guys.

Tricia said...

great job on the speedy miles

Courtney said...

Looks like you had a good week. :)

P said...

Excellent vacation mileage! It's hard to run slow, though, huh??

Tortuga_Runner said...

I'm with Tricia, great job speedy!!