Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Summary (albiet a late one)

Well, I'm doing better than last week's summary as this one is actually on Sunday. I've had a bit of trouble getting back into non-vacation meets kids' summer vacation life and blogging (as well as reading/stalking blogs) has kind of had to take a back burner. Luckily though, I've still managed to get my runs in. Even though my runs were a bit out of order, here's how my week panned out:
total miles: 29.41 (only supposed to be at 28, but I'm not too far over)
total time spent: 4hours 23minutes
average pace: 8:56

Overall, I'm pleased with the mileage I got in, especially while on vacation. There is a lot to be said for following a training program, it definitely keeps me motivated. There is no way I would've gotten up so early on vacation to get my runs in if it hadn't been for my training plan & my (self-imposed) obligation to summarize my week on here. I'm still having a bit of trouble slowing down my runs, but I feel like I'm keeping them at a fairly easy & doable pace. I think that as long as I keep them in the 9 minute range I can consider them "easy" for the most part.

This upcoming week's schedule looks like this:

We got a family pass to the pool, so hopefully I'll get a chance to get to lap swim a couple times a week too... we'll see.

This will be my first full week (because being on vacation with my mom & grandma's help doesn't count) of having all 4 kids home all day. In order to keep our sanity (mostly mine) intact, we're going to try out a daily, somewhat detailed, schedule. After scouring the Internet for printable planners and ideas, along with chore charts & tips for summer, I'm going to spend the next little bit before bed putting together our schedule. Emmeline (not to keen on being referred to as "Emme" anymore) is super excited to be "playing school at home". I'm hoping some of her enthusiasm rubs off on Calvin. It should be interesting to see how "school" goes with a soon to be 2nd grader, an aspiring kindergartner, an on the throws of her terrible twos toddler (who am I joking, she's been in her "terrible" stage since birth :P) and a sweet little munchkin always eager with a smile and anxious for a meal. Should be fun... if anyone has any great summer tips for keeping 3 1/2 rambunctious kiddlings occupied feel free to comment away!

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P said...

Well, it sounds like you've got the summer thing under control! When my kids were younger, I would do the same thing - map out a calendar of events, have at least one craft project scheduled for the day, and always be ready to go to the park! :-)