Saturday, June 5, 2010

Holy Hills, Batman!

Today I raced in the Lake of the Woods Run that also doubled as my 5K for Courtney's Virtual Race benefiting LLS. If you're curious as to whether or not I PR'd I'll save you the trouble of reading my recap and looking at all my pictures and let you you know right now that I wasn't even close. I'm disappointed, but to be completely honest, it just wasn't in the cards and I'm happy to report that I didn't walk even though for the first time (in the countless number of 5K's I've raced) I came awfully close to doing just that. If you're still reading, here's how it all went down:

Despite a fairly late night and early morning, we were in good spirits as we headed to Lake of the Woods for our run. My mom, graciously volunteered to be our chauffeur so that I could sit back and let my nervous energy get the best of me.
My sister came out from Boise just to volunteer as babysitter/photographer/support crew... okay, not really, she was already out visiting my parents, but I do appreciate her chasing and toting around my kids all while taking some pretty sweet race photos.
Even though I wasn't feeling super flashy, I put on my brightest socks so that I wouldn't get lost along the highway in the woods.
My dad also raced in the 5K and it took a bit of coercion from his two daughters but he even halfway smiled for this forced picture.
Here I am cruising up the first of 5 hills in the race... that's right 5 hills, and we aren't talking little rolling things, they were big steep hills. There seriously wasn't a single flat spot on this course, it started on a hill then had a downhill followed by an up, then a down, then an up and a turn around and then the whole thing in reverse. Anyway, as I was cruising up the first hill, I felt pretty good... I can do this, I will PR...
Luckily, since it was an out and back, I don't have any pictures between the start and the finish. It was somewhere in the middle I thought it would be a good idea to walk... somewhere that I was completely alone headed up the 3rd hill, I guarantee you, there were no smiles and all hopes of a PR disappeared and were replaced by fears of a PW.

Here I am headed down towards the finish... I had to smile with Calvin cheering me in.
Had he tried, I'm sure he could've beaten me... that's how slowly I was running.

And here's a group shot of all of us. Emme & Calvin had a great time in their race. You can read about it here if you'd like to.
Anyway, I'm glad I ran it, especially glad it's over. It was a beautiful course with nothing but trees and the weather was great however, without a doubt it was one of the worst races I've ever run. Those hills absolutely killed me. Also, my left ear was plugged up the entire time and my breathing was echoing through my head... I felt like Darth Vader, it drove me crazy, I think it was because of the altitude increase. I've got all kinds of excuses, but honestly had it been a flat race at sea level, I'm not sure I would've faired much better.

I don't have my exact finish time, because for whatever reason, they didn't get it (maybe it had something to do with the fact that the little tag from the bottom of my bib was missing when I finished... turns out it was tucked underneath my big... weird, oh well). According to my Nike+ sensor it was a 25:15 but I didn't stop it until I had already finished and was headed to the water... oops! The person who finished behind me got a 25:14 and she was probably a good 20 seconds back so I would wager it was officially around 25 flat. I was hoping to go under 22, which would have given me a top 10 finish and first in my age (pretty slow race), but I just wasn't feeling it. I ended up 26th overall and 4th in my age group (30-39, isn't it usually 30-34?) so I can't complain too much.

I'm looking forward to starting my training and getting away from shorter races. Maybe if I didn't have to try to run quite so fast it would go better?


Sarah said...

Congratulations on the finish!
I did the same thing with my sensor. Very annoying!

P said...

Oh, 10 year age groups are such a bummer! Sounds like a tough day, but congrats on sticking with it and finishing strong (which is always something to be proud of).

C~~O~~U~~R~~T~~N~~E~~Y said...

You look like you're having so much fun! What kind of shoes are those?

Anne said...

Congrats on your race! Just wanted to mention that I would be more than thrilled to run at the speed you found slow :)

N.D. said...

it looks gorgeous and I love your outfit!! Great job!