Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good for Excuses

It's always good to have an excuse to go running. Yesterday was of course National Running Day and that is probably the only reason I got my run in. I slept in (if you can really call sleeping until 6:30am sleeping in) and missed my morning run but when I realized it was such a special running holiday I had to go running. So, after dropping Calvin off at school, we rushed home and got ready to go and were left with about 40 minutes to run before meeting Emme at school. Had it not been National Running Day, I probably wouldn't have bothered (due to time restraints and the pouring rain) but I really wanted to run yesterday so I made it work. It turned out to be a great run... tons of huge puddles to wade through and it even stopped raining for a few minutes while we were out. We only managed a little over 4 miles but it was definitely worth it. I got some strange looks from parents as I stood waiting for Emme (we were a good 5 minutes early) and it made me a little self-conscious. Did I have bugs in my teeth or mud on my nose, were they seeing something on me that I couldn't, maybe I was trailing soggy toilet paper? (Maybe I should start bringing a mirror in the stroller on days I go directly to school.) After trying to check myself out in the reflection of my phone I decided they must've merely thought I was slightly insane to be standing in the rain wearing shorts and pigtails... fair enough. Anyway, here are a few post run photos of my running buddies and me:

Hooray for naps in the stroller!

On a side note, I have to give a big thank you shout out to my mother-in-law Yvonne who won a giveaway that she will be passing on to me. She was picked by Katye at Long Legs on the Loose to win a pair of compression calfguards and will be sharing her winning with me. I am so excited!! So thanks Yvonne, for being such an inspiration and thanks Katye for hosting such a great giveaway!!


misszippy said...

Glad you got out, even if it was wet. I am perpetually walking around sweaty and in running clothes--if people don't like it, it's there problem!

P said...

Oh, how exciting that you're getting the giveaway! I was reading Yvonne's winning comments this morning, what an inspiration you've been to her (and vice versa, I'm sure). Congrats!

N.D. said...

so cute the kids in the stroller! great job getting the run in! Do you use the rain guard thing often?