Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Summary

It's been a great week (I always end my week on Sunday, not start it). Here's a quick recap in numbers:

Miles run: 22.09
Time: 3 hours, 14 mins, 28 secs
Avg Pace: 8:48
Loads of laundry: 6
Diapers changed: too many to count...

Today is the Eugene Marathon. We had a great time stepping out our front door to cheer on the runners & walkers. I love living where we do. I would love to never leave South Eugene... its great here!

Unfortunately, we only saw one person we knew. Our house is before the 1 mile mark so everyone was still pretty bunched up. This is the first year Calvin came out to cheer. I think he was pretty impressed by so many people. I made a couple of signs last night for my friend Autumn and for Tall Mom so Emme & Calvin got up early to make signs to hold too. As you will see, Calvin's sign was probably pretty original (what a nutty kid). I think Emme & Calvin really enjoyed being out there and their signs were a huge hit, they got lots of compliments. Here are a few pictures we took.

Even though I didn't get to see and cheer specifically for Autumn, Mel and Kim, I hope you each had the race you were looking for. I did see Juli, though, and she looked strong. Great job ladies it seems to be a beautiful morning for a nice 26.2 mile run!


Marci said...

Calvin is the coolest! You look good in those pictures. We were out there in our P.J.s. Rocky looked the best with her little footies. We caught the runners at mile 2 and at South Eugene (but I didn't get there in time for a cowbell). Autumn was ripping it up. I'm excited to watch you cruise by next year.

Judi said...

I end my week on Sunday too! :)

How neat to be able to watch a race in front of your house, especially a marathon! I'd love that! One of these days I want to just be a volunteer at a race instead of a runner!

Great pace! Aren't you just coming off from having a baby! I'm impressed!

Have a great evening!

Judi :)

Unknown said...

I saw your daughter and her awesome sign! It really was bunched up in that first mile. Thanks for looking for me. I finished in 1:58:37, meeting my goal of under two hours.

I hope you get to run it next year, the course was really flat and the volunteers were great.

Time to get ready for Tall Mom's 5k. I saw her finish and get her BQ time. The announcer said her name and commented on her pink hat. So cool!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Wow oh WOW!! thankfully I was paying attention early on and I am TALL. When I saw the sign I felt a special connection to it, but I had NO CLUE that it was really for me. Thank you!! Thank you!!! I am about ready to cry because I feel so blessed by this. Hugs! Mel