Saturday, May 1, 2010

S is for Six Miles, Soccer and Spring Football Saturday

Today so far has been a superb Saturday. I started it off with a 6 1/2 mile run early this morning. I tried to go with the philosophy of slow and steady that was presented by TMB at Racing with Babes. (Read what she had to say here.) It felt really good and I was tempted to go 8 but decided that would probably be a little bit too drastic an increase in my mileage so I held off at 6. All in all though, I'm excited at where I am after only 3 weeks back into running and am looking forward to getting my base up over this next month and a half before my training beings mid-June.

Emme had a soccer match today too. The weather, although not super warm and consistently sunny, was pleasant enough that we were able to have a good time. Her team only had 6 players today (instead of the normal 14... some Daisy Scout Camp) and were short a coach so Dan helped out and Emme and her teammates played non-stop for all 6 matches. (They play 3x3 micro soccer with two matches occurring simultaneously.) They were troopers although it was obvious they were very tired by the end. I think Emme only managed 1 goal today, but did quite well defensively. Here are a few pictures. (Emme is #10 for the black team. The blue team had a girl that I swear was at least 10, if not the biggest 1st grader I've ever seen... see if you can pick her out... she was pretty much unstoppable!)

Leona & Calvin were happy to cheer for the girls.

Today, also is the Oregon Spring Game. Although I'm not at the game, we're watching it online and it seems to be a good one. The best thing about the spring game is that no matter what, the Ducks will win... so hooray, everyone will be happy here in Casa de Higgins.



Aw! I love little kid soccer!

So how did the slowing down work for you? I find it rather challenging.

k2323 said...

The only bad thing about the spring game is the traffic! We picked up our packets at the Hilton right in the middle of the game. Had to go down Coburg Rd. back to the Red Lion--I felt like we were in downtown Seattle!

Looks like you took care of the weather for tomorrow morning. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are doing great getting back into running. Good for you!