Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm a sucker...

for snails! I know, it's silly. Most people hate them. They are pests. They destroy gardens. I can't help it though, I have a soft spot for them, especially when I'm running.

Here in Eugene, as in most fairly rainy places, the snails come out in full force during the spring time. This means the sidewalks are streaming with snails, especially in the early morning hours. I've never been a big fan of stepping on anything, but I especially hate inadvertently squishing snails. I've done it, several times... it's honestly hard not to, but I hate it! The sound of a snail being squished is just awful, it's a crunch and squishing sound unlike anything else and the minute you hear it, you know you've done it.

The last couple of mornings, my runs have been more like obstacle courses where my time is spent snail dodging. Usually I only try to avoid the snails, figuring I've done my part by not squishing them, however today I took it a step further. As I was running on the bike path, there was a super cute little snail right in the middle of the path. The poor thing had slimed his way almost halfway across the path, but still had a fair distance to travel and at the pace he was making (a snail's pace... ha ha) there was no way he was going to make it before all the school aged bikers were out to run him down. So, I stopped my run mid stride and carefully transported him safely to the other side of the path (of course he might not be much better off considering he's now in a jr. high soccer field). Unfortunately I can't do this for all the snails, I'd never make it down my sidewalk, but every so often one will catch my eye and I'll do my best to help him slime another day (or destroy someone's garden... sorry). I don't however stop for slugs... gross!

Do you brake for anything on your runs?


Dick said...

I sometimes have to slam on my brakes to keep from hitting people on the OC&E Trail that I'm blowing past...of course the people I'm passing are always going the opposite direction!

Have you made up your mind about the Crater Lake Rim Run? As of yesterday there were only about 100 openings left. You could do the half marathon if you want to get more miles in...or do the 6.7 and then run a few extra to cool down.

misszippy said...

This is a funny post! I suppose I try to miss things like that, but never gave it that much though!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. The header pic is from a trail in Palm Springs, Calif. I was there for almost two weeks this past Feb. and just absolutely loved the trail running. I think I was born to live out west, but live in Md. instead!